Miracles Do Happen– Please Welcome My Baby Girl Silje Marie–Born 6/8/12


Mommy & Silje - August 10, 201225 years ago on a beautiful August day I was riding in the backseat of my parents car on our way to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when news came on the radio of a plane crash in Detroit.  Northwestern Flight 255 had 155 people on board when the accident happened. There was one sole survivor. A 4 year old little girl who had been identified as Cecilia. 


You can imagine as a child the thoughts that ran through my head.  How could this one small little girl have survived all that chaos? What would she do without her immediate family. How would she live the rest of her life without them? I wondered what miracles really meant, did they really exist and if this was one of them.



Shortly after the news the radio started playing Simon & Garfunkel’s Cecilia. I was familiar with the song as my stepfather listened to it all the time.  But from that day forward that song cemented the memories of that crash, the little girl, and that day into my head.


Skip forward, 10 years ago when I was in Norway.  I came across the name Silje. I was immediately drawn to the name. It was so beautiful & unique. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I talked about the name & decided if we ever had a baby together that would be her name. You know, just those silly things you talk about when you’re first in love & everything is wonderful.


When I found out that my 3rd and final child would be born a girl naturally the first thing that popped into my mind was the name Silje. I decided to research it more. I discovered it was the Norwegian form of Cecilia & St. Cecilia was the patron saint of musicians. Perfect. My husband (a musician) and I met in a music chat room online more than 10 years ago. What name could be more appropriate. Then slowly as I pondered it, that day 25 years ago came back to my memory. Cecilia. That beautiful little child that was such a miracle. The name Silje was perfect. It was a special name for so many reasons. It would be my daughters name.


On June 8th, 2012 my first and only daughter was born. Her & I almost didn’t make it. Upon arrival at the hospital I was told I was 8cm dilated. My biggest worry? Would I get an epidural in time.  My Dr. dressed quickly & they rushed me to a delivery room within seconds. I was told to push if I wanted.  While I was pushing the Dr. placed his hand inside to inspect me & out gushed the waters, filled with meconium.  This had happened in my last birth so I knew I would still be able to have her vaginally, but within 2 seconds that all changed.  The Dr.’s face told all. What would be a quick delivery just turned in to an emergency.  Her cord had prolapsed. It came out before she did. This creates a risk that when the baby exists the birth canal the head can compress the cord and cut off oxygen to the baby. It’s a fairly rare occurrence.


The next few moments went by in a whirl as my Dr. jumped on the bed riding along with me to the O.R. with his hand literally stuck inside of me.  An emergency C-section was imminent. I started to get scared as we entered the room and people surrounded me. I was all alone in a room full of strangers. 18 of them! As I cried out the staff was there to hold my hand and comfort me. The anesthesiologist told me I’d be ok and then I finally went to sleep.


When I woke up I was in recovery & my baby was nowhere to be found. I honestly didn’t even remember what had happened. I was on dilaudid so I was completely out of it. All I wanted was my baby.  They told me she had come out 11 lbs 12 oz & from the time I got in that room to the time everything was over. 13 minutes.    At that moment everything started flooding into my mind. Had we stayed at home even 10 minutes later her and I wouldn’t have made it. She was NOT coming out of that birth canal easily. She was just as big as I had feared. I also learned that I lost a lot of blood. I hemorrhaged and had to have a transfusion. 10 minutes later…  we never would have made it.  My boys would be motherless & my beautiful daughter wouldn’t exist.


After I was out of recovery and was able to see my little girl, who was in the NICU at the time I went back to my room and I thought about a lot of things. Why was life going the way it was. Why when I was so happy and so lucky were other aspects of my life falling apart.  I mostly thought about how lucky I was to be here for all of my children, whom I love with all of my heart. Just days prior I had been in my bed crying and wondering if “God” or the universe, or even my grandmother, who passed 2 short years ago were really ever looking out for me. I felt extremely alone, judged for a lot of things that were happening in my life, such as having Silje when my marriage is not going very well at all.  I was wondering why I had to endure all of this & were things ever going to get better. I actually thought for a moment maybe there really is no afterlife, maybe there really are no angels, no loved ones to greet you when you pass, no anything. Maybe this is all there is.


When we left the hospital I sat down in my mom’s car & I stared ahead, wondering how things would go once I got home. I glanced over to the screen on her radio, which had been turned down and there I saw “Simon & Garfunkel  – Cecilia”.  It was then that I knew there is someone watching over us.. and my baby girl was meant to be. Everything that has happened thus far in my life was meant to be. Good & bad it has all led me here to where I am. Although times are tough, I will NEVER question the fact that some things really do happen for a reason.  I have been extremely blessed to have 3 beautiful little children that love me unconditionally & whom I love unconditionally.  Every day I look at them I am thankful for all that I have. And that question I had 25 years ago as a little girl about if miracles really do exist? Well I finally have my answer. They do.


Silje Marie - 11lbs, 12 oz, 22 in

First-Time-Mommy.Com Featured Birth Story: Jayleigh Grace–Emergency C-Sec at 34 Weeks







Babies Name: Jayleigh Grace

Babies Sex: Female

Due Date: 10/14/2013

Babies Birth Date: 9/7/2013

# of weeks pregnant: 34

Type of Birth: Emergency Csection

Babies Stats: 6 lbs. 0.5oz. 18 3/4″

Parents: Taylor and Jelani A.



“I am 20 years old and was never supposed to have children. When you are born with medical issues like me, you tend to learn to accept bad news. With all my surgeries, chemo and other meds, and organ/gland failure, I was a master of dealing with really hard decisions. When I had stopped having a period for a year my doctor sat my down, like they had so many times before, and gave me the bad news. I have to say, this news knocked the breath out of me. I had always wanted to be a mother and to have that robbed from me because of my own body was as bad as it got. Even though it was a hard pill to swallow, no pun intended, I eventually got over it…. Sorta.


birthstory_JayleighOne week in January I was feeling very ill. I was throwing up every morning and I felt like pure crap. I thought I had contracted a stomach bug that my mom recently had. When I catch an infection, sickness, or anything for that matter I have to go to the ER. It’s standard procedure when you’re on chemo. So I’m waiting in the ER, getting ready to take my one millionth CT scan when the nurse comes back and says, “that’s no stomach bug, you’re pregnant!” I said, “no I’m not.” She laughed and said, “yep, sure are! About three weeks.” I was dumbfounded. I kept arguing with her, telling her there must me some mistake. The nurse told me to not get my hopes up; that with all my problems the pregnancy wouldn’t take. So I made an appointment with my doctor and waited the five weeks before they would see me. That was the longest month and one week of my life. I just knew one day I would wake up and see blood and know that this was it. But it never happened…

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L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation Review #VLBlurfection #Sponsored








This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/L’Oréal. All opinions are 100% my own. Your experience may vary.





After I had my 3 children and as I’ve aged I noticed my skin has changed a great deal. I’ve always had sensitive skin & I have a lot of freckles. It can be hard to hide them at times, especially in the summer. To add insult to injury just within the last year or so I’ve noticed 2 fine lines on my forehead! Probably due to all the craziness that goes on when you have 3 little kids to run after.  Because of these various reasons I’m always on the lookout for new foundations or coverups that will work with all my little issues.  I’m always open to try something new in hopes that it will be even better than the last product I used.


I’ve had the chance to try out L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation for the past few weeks thanks to Shespeaks and L’Oréal.   Let’s let L’Oréal. tell you a little bit about it before I give you my own reaction.


“L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation is L’Oréal Paris’ first makeup with exclusive blur technology formulated to instantly blur lines and wrinkles. Signs of aging disappear as Visible Lift Blur Foundation hides dark spots, large pores and smooths uneven texture so you get a flawless finish you can see and feel.

L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation contains SPF 18 and is available in 12 shades.


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First-Time-Mommy.Com Featured Birth Story: Joseph Allen










Babies Name: Joseph Allen

Babies Sex: Male

Due Date: 7/7/2013

Babies Birth Date: 7/9/2013

# of weeks pregnant: 40

Type of Birth: C-section

Babies Stats: 7lbs, 11oz 18in

Parents: Amber and Tylor




I imagine my reaction to finding out that I was pregnant was very different from how other normal women feel. In all honesty, I struggled to be happy despite having tons of support from my husband, parents, etc. It wasn’t until the third trimester that I actually started to feel like it was right; like I could be a mom. I was getting anxious. I had a very smooth pregnancy and was so excited to welcome my son into the world.


At 39 weeks I was still only dilated to a fingertip but was 80% effaced. The day after my due date I passed my mucus plug and was having strong contractions but they weren’t strong enough. I went to the hospital and after about 3 hours, I was sent home. My best friend Lexii came over and we walked up and down the street so many times, I felt like my feet were going to fall off. I bounced on that stupid yoga ball til I was blue in the face. But my contractions got stronger and boy, I was excited.

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20/20 Research–New Paid Study about Kids Products–Females Wanted (Pays $50 Prepaid Visa)







I just received this. I know a lot of you are always asking how you can make any extra money. Moms from the First-Time-Mommy Facebook page have confirmed to me over the past couple years that they were chosen for some of these studies and were paid.  They’re known for being rather hard to get into so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get selected!


Go here to fill out the pre-screening questionnaire. (You can sign up to receive alerts for others surveys after you finish if you like)



2020 kids panel

Good luck! Let me know if you qualify for the study!

Target Made to Matter: Featuring Hyland’s ($1 Off Coupon)






Disclaimer: I am a Hyland’s Homeopathy Ambassador and receive various products and gift cards from Hyland’s and promotional partners at no cost to me. All views and opinions expressed on this blog post and corresponding social network mentions are my own and are not to be interpreted as medical advice.

I am proud to say that I have been an ambassador for Hyland’s for the past 2 years & Hyland’s has been a part of my life for the past 6 years. It was then that I first discovered them through word of mouth from other mom’s. My oldest son was one of the worst teethers I’ve ever known & Hyland’s Teething Tablet’s came highly recommended. They ended up helping him more than anything else we tried. And I tried just about everything. Since then I’ve been recommending them to every mother I meet that comes along with a teething child.


Hylands-nervetonicI haven’t just relied on the teething tablet’s though. I have a lot of favorites when it comes to Hyland’s products, like their Baby Diaper Ointment with Calendula, their tiny cold tablets, and especially their Nerve Tonic. I had the same thoughts you probably have. Nerve Tonic? Wasn’t this stuff around like 100 years ago? Well, maybe you didn’t know but Hyland’s themselves have been around for over 100 years. Yep, people have been trusting Hyland’s since 1903!

As the mother of 3 little kids 6 & under there have been quite a few times my nerves were frazzled and Hyland’s Nerve Tonic calmed me down. I suffer from anxiety at times and wanted to find a natural way to help. I was really happy to discover a product from a brand I already know and trust.


Hyland’s Nerve Tonic & many of their other products are available at Target! In fact, I’m happy to announce that Target is including Hyland’s products in their Made to Matter initiative. Made to Matter is all about brands that make things better for you, your family & your home. There are tons of more natural products we as moms rely on every day.  Check it out below, but before you do make sure to scroll down and grab a $1 off Hyland’s coupon! They don’t come around often.



Grab a Coupon!

If you love Hyland’s as much as I do make sure to grab this coupon and stop by your local target store!  Which Hyland’s product will you purchase with your coupon?



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New Huggies® Snug & Dry Plus Diapers and Huggies® Natural Care Plus Wipes at Costco–Grab a Sample Now






Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Huggies® Brand. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.



As a mom of 3 little ones I’ve been diapering regularly for the past 6 years and the majority of those years I had at least 1 child that was in Huggies. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that for the next 3 months I’ll be participating in the Huggies Costco Ambassador program. That means exciting things to come for you, like exclusive deals & a giveaway.


Huggies® Snug & Dry Plus Diapers

Huggies snug and dry plus diapersJust this past week we had a chance to try out the all new Huggies® Snug & Dry Plus diapers & Huggies® Natural Care Plus wipes that are available exclusively at Costco.  A few years ago we had tried regular Huggies Snug & Dry but decided on a different type of Huggies that I felt worked better for us.  So I was interested to see if Snug & Dry Plus would suit us now and if they would really last up to 12 hours as the box says.  We’ve used other brands in the past that made such promises and it didn’t work out. New Huggies® Snug & Dry Plus Diapers come with the trusted Leak Lock® system & also have a SnugFit* waistband as well as unique Grip Tabs for a secure fit and they are extra absorbent for day and night protection.


Huggies Snug and Dry Plus Diapers

Silje just turned 2 last month so she’s nearing the end of her diapering days. She’s not nursing or on a bottle anymore obviously but she’s bigger, she drinks more, she eats more and that can make for a challenge some nights, especially if she falls asleep right after drinking large amounts.   I’d been trying out a cheap store brand on her the week prior and they’d leaked almost every night. I was so disappointed because that hadn’t happened to us in such a long time. 


I’m glad to say that the Huggies® Snug & Dry Plus diapers worked like a charm. No problems what so ever. She stayed dry the entire night. The diaper wasn’t falling apart, there was no gel coming out, none of that crazy stuff we have experienced in the past with other brands. She didn’t develop any rashes, and the diapers worked absolutely fabulous for us. They really did last overnight. Roughly 10-12 hours.  I was very impressed. I would definitely recommend them.

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Poison Control Warns Fireworks Are Poisonous – Keep Children and Pets Safe on July 4th


Image copyright: frankljunior



California Poison Control System (CPCS) warns parents to keep fireworks away from children and pets who may eat them because they are often small and come in colorful packages. While the majority of fireworks exposures are not poisonous, chemically, fireworks consist of potentially toxic potassium nitrate or perchlorate, sulfur or chlorine, carbon, starch and metals (that produce the colorful results).   


“While traumatic injuries involving the hands, face and eyes during 4th of July celebrations are well-documented, toxicity due to fireworks is less common but can also result in illness or death,” says Dr. Stuart Heard, Pharm.D, Executive Director, CPCS.  “For example, some kids mistake ‘snake’ fireworks for gum.” In 2009, poison centers across the country received more than 1,000 calls about exposures to fireworks and explosives. Of those, more than 750 involved children younger than six. 


“If you suspect that your child or pet ingested fireworks, immediate medical attention is needed,” Dr. Heard says.


About CPCS

You can learn more about a variety of poison issues by following CPCS on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/iS6S7J  and on Twitter @poisoninfo.  Sign up for weekly safety text messages to your cell phone by texting TIPS to 69866; and download a free iPhone and android app, Choose Your Poison, at http://bit.ly/gg9vfG.  In case of an accidental poisoning, consumers should immediately call 1-800-222-1222 (same number is good in all 50 states) for advice. Pharmacists, nurses, physician-toxicologists and poison information providers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help.



In most cases, a poison exposure can be safely managed in your home, avoiding a call to 911 or a visit to a crowded hospital emergency room. Many parents think about contacting the poison control services only in case of an emergency, but experts are available to answer questions any time.






Baby Jogger City Select Stroller & Accessory Sweepstakes–Ends 7/31/14








I have a Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller & I absolutely love it. I thought my other stroller’s before it were great but not after I got my Baby Jogger (its not a jogging stroller btw).  No other stroller’s compare, at least for me. In fact now that I don’t need a double stroller I find it hard to use my single stroller (that I had loved before using the city mini).  Baby Jogger products are such great quality.  Unfortunately that also makes them pricey. That’s why we’re sharing this giveaway info with you. You never know you might get lucky!


Every month or so Baby Jogger gives a stroller away and for the month of April it’s a City Select & bonus Accessory.  City Selects currently go for around $389! and that’s not including the accessories (You can choose an accessory like bassinet or extra seat if you win!).



Open to US AND Canada! Ends 7/31/14.   Just click the pic to enter. Good Luck!!




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2 Free $10 Gas Cards & Cash Back When You Purchase Dial Products at CVS






If you’re a CVS shopper you’re going to love this deal.  It just started today Sunday June 22, 2014.  You’ll need 3 specific coupons, a cvs card and a smartphone to do this deal. (You can usually pick up CVS cards right in store). 


You will need to buy a combination of:


Dial for Men body washes, regular Dial body washes, 6-pack Dial bar soaps, 3-pack Dial bar soaps, Dial Complete foaming hand soaps, Right Guard Total Defense Hair & Body Wash, Right Guard Xtreme Hair & Body Wash, Dial kids washes. You can check the CVS ad to see what all is on sale.


Almost everything you buy will be located all together in one small area.


You must have the following 3 coupons from the 6/15/14  Red Plum Insert to do this deal:

  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free Dial, Dial for Men, or Tone body wash ( 6 oz. or larger or 6-bar pack or larger) (Coupon value is up to $4.49)
  • $2/2 Right Guard Total Defense or Xtreme Fresh Hair & Body Wash
  • $1/2 Dial Kids Body + Hair Washes, Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps (8 oz.), Foaming Hand Soaps, Liquid Hand Soap Refills or Dial Bar Soaps (3-bar or larger)




Step by Step Instructions


This is based on my own purchases. You can figure out which products are best for you & change your purchases to fit your likes/needs.


I purchased:


3 Dial Body Washes ( Vitamin Boost, Spring Water, Himalayan etc.)
2 Dial for Men (Hair & Body & Magnetic)

2 Right Guard Xtreme (Cooling & Fresh)

4 Dial Complete Foaming Hand wash (Various scents)

3 (3) pack of Dial White Deodorant Soap


Subtotal: $32.83   (Must get your total to $30 BEFORE coupons to get your $10 CVS gas card)


- 1.00 coupon

- 3.29 coupon

- 2.00 coupon


Subtotal: $26.54

MI 6% Sales Tax 1.97


Subtotal: $28.51

Receive a $10 Gas Card (Shell Gas Card in my area)


Subtotal: $18.51


Submit receipt to Ibotta Rewards App.


They currently have cash back for:

  • $1 – Dial ANY SIZE Bar Soap
  • $1 – Dial 11.75 oz body wash or larger
  • $1 – Dial for Men ANY body wash or bar soap (any size)
  • $1 – Dial Antibacterial Hand Wash Refill (32 oz or larger)
  • $.50  Redeem 3 Rewards by Sunday Night. (Triple play)
  • $1.00 Dial Clean Bonus (Redeem any 2 Dial rebates by 6/22)

My cash back was $4.50  I did not buy the Refills as they are too costly.

Subtotal: $14.01


P.S. You could get this even lower! If you’re new to Ibotta there is a chance for you to get Bonus Rewards for all sorts of things! New users usually get great bonuses.  Want to know more about how Ibotta works?  Read Here.




Submit your receipt to http://dialsoaprewards.com/  for at least $25 in Dial product purchases to receive your 2nd $10 Gas Card.


Total: $4.01



My Grand Total: $4.01

That means I paid an average of 29 cents for each of those 14 products.

Happy Shopping! Let me know if you do even better!

. . . . . . .