#WaterWipes–The World’s Purest Baby Wipes–Now Available in the US







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As a mother of 3 young children, I’ve been using baby wipes for over 7 years straight. I’ve tried most of the brands on the market. In the beginning I think I went more for what I knew; such as a brand that my mother used for my siblings, or friends used for their children. I can admit now that I blindly trusted that they were acceptable based on nothing more than I had seen people I knew using these products.  As the years went on I started gravitating away from such choices and decided I really wanted to navigate towards brands that were more natural, organic, or consisted of very minimal ingredients. Just recently I discovered a new brand of wipes called WaterWipes and they fit perfectly into this category.


My daughter, although she is 3 now still wears overnight diapers due to an issue with her bladder not emptying properly.  She see’s a urologist and we’re hoping her issues resolve within the next year or so. I stopped using wipes with her because she is prone to infection & if the wipes contain any sort of perfume or dyes we’re not aware of it can cause agitation, and to be honest I read an ingredient list on the internet not long ago & was flabbergasted by all the extra stuff in some of the wipes that I never knew about. Many times I have wondered if that exacerbated my babies rashes over the years. Trust me I have dealt with tons of rashes.


WaterWipes are a premium European brand, they actually started out in Ireland. The creators daughter suffered from sensitive skin as a baby & he set out trying to create a better, more natural wipe that didn’t contain a ton of harsh chemicals. These are the types of companies I absolutely love to support because they’re made from the heart. So let me tell you a little more about them:

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Nominate Your #MyAllAmerican Hero–You Could Win a Trip to Hollywood






On November 13th, My All American hits theatres.  Mariah at has written a fantastic review of the movie (she’s already watched it) if you’d like to learn more about it. It’s the true story of Freddie Steinmark (Finn Wittrock – of American Horror Story fame), a football player at the University of Texas and one of legendary UT Austin football Coach Darrell Royal’s (Aaron Eckhart) most beloved players, a true underdog who led his team to a championship season and was an inspiration both on and off the field for his ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Check out the trailer:



Speaking of All American’s.. You can nominate your own #MyAllAmerican and possibly win a trip to the premiere in California! Wouldn’t that be amazing? After reading Mariah’s post she actually inspired me to nominate my own #MyAllAmerican. My Grandfather.


As a child my Grandpa stepped in as a father figure when my own was absent. I used to love to hear his stories about his time in World War II. He spent several years in Europe. He used to teach me bits of the German language and tell me all about the different places he visited. He instilled a sense of adventure in me, so much so that as an adult I traveled to Europe myself & eventually ended up marrying a Norwegian.  He was a great man. He overcame a lot of difficulties in his life after the war and he raised me as I though I was his own. He was my buddy. He built the house I live in now with his own two hands. He was definitely a jack of all trades & taught me so much in the short 19 years that I had him in my life. I think the thing about him that I loved most was that he always listened to me, never preached, just gave a lot of advice that I still find useful to this day. This weekend will be 16 years ago that he passed on although it feels like just yesterday.  He was definitely my hero. I’ve never met another man like him to this day.

My Grandfather (on the right) during World War II



Who is your hero? Do you have someone that has changed your life? A friend, family member, neighbor? Show your appreciation and nominate them today


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Get the Kids Involved – Celebrate the Magic in Mealtime with @RaguSauce Baked Mostaccioli




One of my fondest memories as a child is of learning how to cook with my family. I remember standing there watching my Grandpa cut up vegetables, explaining everything as he went, hoping beyond hope that he would ask me to help! Later when I a little bit older and able to come up with recipes on my own my Grandpa was my taste tester. He never complained! As much as I loved Grandpa’s cooking though, it’s one of my mom’s dishes that will always be one of my all time favorites.  My mom was a young, single, working mother for many years, she was routinely short on time & so she kept her dishes pretty simple. She always used Ragu® and when she made her baked mostaccioli with it, there wasn’t one complaint in the entire house.


These days I’m passing on cooking traditions to my own children. We’re celebrating magic in mealtime and you can too if you’re willing to deal with a few messes here and there. It can be such a rewarding experience when you involve kids in the mealtime process, because life is all about making memories, right? There’s the added bonus that kids who help with the magical process of mealtime are also more apt to eat what they had a hand in creating… and hey, you’re teaching them how to cook! Their future spouses will thank you!



Baked Mostaccioli



This baked mostaccioli couldn’t be more simple.  You can even make it ahead the night before & pop it in the oven the next day.  You can find everything you need at the Kroger family of stores. Gather the following:

  • Your favorite variety of Ragu® sauce
  • 1 16oz box of Mostaccioli pasta
  • 1-2 8 oz bags of shredded mozzarella or Italian cheese blend (depending on how much cheese you like)
  • 1lb of ground beef. (Ground chuck, hamburger, turkey etc.)
  • Loaf of fresh Italian bread or breadsticks




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Relieve Vaginal Dryness During and After Pregnancy with SASMAR Lubricants – @Love_SASMAR #lovelube







I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to SASMAR.  SASMAR have been making personal lubricants that are paraben free, silky smooth and long lasting since 2005.  SASMAR lubricants are made in France, from high quality ingredients, and are FDA approved. They can be found in more than 70 countries and they just recently joined the US market. SASMAR have tons of options to choose from, whether you’re looking for a little extra help trying to conceive, or just looking to have fun.


Conceive Plus® Fertility Lubricant


Last month I told you about Conceive Plus® , their fertility lubricant. Conceive Plus® is designed for use by all couples who want to have a baby, not just those having a hard time. It is available in both convenient pre-filled applicators and also in a multi-use tube bottle. Conceive Plus® can help increase the chances of getting pregnant, naturally. Read more about it here.

Vaginal Dryness During & After Pregnancy

What a lot of women don’t realize and are never told is that when you actually do get pregnant is that you can suffer from vaginal dryness due to the changing hormones in your body. It can happen after baby is born as well for the very same reasons. Especially if you breastfeed. Most times things will return to normal after that first year or so but there can be a lot of irritation in those first months, especially if you’re using a condom. Until things go back to normal, in order to avoid vaginal irritation you can save yourself the discomfort and introduce a lubricant, like one of the many from SASMAR.  They offer products that are compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.  I can’t stress enough how it important it is to use protection after just having a baby so it’s great that these lubricants can be used with condoms. Remember, there are many different flavors & scents available.


Check out this review for SASMAR Pina Colada




Where to Purchase

SASMAR lubricants are now available in stores as well as on their website &  Make sure you check them out on social media as well!



Connect With SASMAR Online


Manufactured in France without sugar, oils or parabens… SASMAR personal lubricants help to enhance intimacy and pleasure, once you try them you’ll never use anything else!

FDA cleared and loved in more than 60 countries!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SASMAR®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Back-to-School: Dinner Time Simplified with @RaguSauce from Costco






This year is going to be a bit different for myself and my family because both of my boys will be in school full time! I’m so nervous. Vincent is also starting sports this year. We’re going to have tons of after school practices. Because of this I have decided that once my boys get home from school, that’s it, my work day is over. Computer, phone, put away.  I want to be able to make the most of our evenings and I want them to contain as little stress as possible. One of the first ideas that popped into my mind was that I should cook a bunch of meals in bulk that I can put in the freezer & have it ready to go or simply pop in the oven when we get home.
I don’t know about your kids but my children love all things pasta so that was pretty much the first thing on my list. I knew I could get extra large jars of Ragu® spaghetti & pasta sauce at Costco because they recently teamed up so they could make dinner time more convenient for moms like me. The kids and myself got our list together and headed on up there. School starts in only 2 weeks!


Did you know that if you don’t have a membership at Costco a friend can buy you a cash card and you’re able to shop in the store? You have to use your card all up in one trip. What you don’t spend, they’ll give you the remainder in cash. So if you can’t afford a membership right now or you just want to check out the store first, find a friend with one!

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Now Available in the US – Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant #tryingtoconceive






Trying to Conceive? If you have just started trying or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® fertility lubricant can help increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally! Since 2008 Conceive Plus® has been helping couples around the world on the path to pregnancy, naturally. The best thing about it, Conceive Plus® is for all couples who are trying to get pregnant, not only those that may be struggling. Available since 2008 in more than 60+ countries, it is the world’s leading fertility lubricant brand and it’s now available in the United States. Keep reading to learn more about it and how it works.




 * This is an over-the-counter product, not a fertility treatment or drug. There are no side effects and can be used safely by all couples.

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Infantino Test & Tell–Looking for Babies 9-18 Months to Test New Product–Apply Now






Infantino just announced that they are looking for babies 9-18 months to test the new Lights & Sounds Musical Touch Pad.  All you need to do is REGISTER HERE & your baby could be one of 24 selected to test the new Touch Pad. Good Luck! Let us know if you get it!





Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Muffins–Featuring @Yoplait Plenti Greek Yogurt







Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Muffins


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$1 Off NUK Pacifiers at Walmart–Grab Your Coupon Now #NUKKnows #NUKPacifier




This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox


For the first time in years NUK pacifiers feature a new improved design.


NUK Pacifiers Feature:

  • True orthodontic shape nipple – naturally fits in baby’s mouth
  • Integrated channels – less palate pressure
  • Scoop nipple cavity – maximizes tongue movement
  • Same heart-shaped shield – prevents irritation
  • Thin neck – less jaw pressure
  • Made in the USA
  • BPA free


Download a coupon for $1 off NUK products at Walmart when you take the Pacifier ABC’s Quiz. It only take about 30 seconds tops & you’re sure to learn something.



Strawberries and Cream Shortcake -Wholesome Snacking with @Yoplait






Strawberries and Cream Shortcake


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