Hyland’s Stay Well Strategies 4 Kids Twitter Chat – Thursday, November 13 at 7 pm EST #kidswellness






Hyland’s is having a Twitter party and you’re invited. Join Hyland’s and friends, including myself this Thursday, November 13th at 7pm EST for an entertaining and informative Twitter Chat to learn easy and effective strategies to help your kids stay healthy this winter. The chat will feature the following brands:

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Prince Lionheart theBOOST Plus Booster Seat–Review and Giveaway





This is a sponsored post for Prince Lionheart.



theBOOSTplusNot long ago Prince Lionheart introduced us to theBOOST Plus. It’s their version of a booster seat. It came at a perfect time because my daughter who is big for her age at 2.5 years old was starting to outgrow her high chair. She also desperately wants to be part of everything her 4 and 6 year old brothers are doing, and that includes mealtime. We always eat at the table together as a family for every meal, no exceptions.  Unfortunately the youngest of the bunch has always been left sitting back a ways in a corner in their high chair. We have a tiny kitchen and that’s the only place it really fits.


So I reluctantly started letting Silje sit at the table with everyone else a little sooner than we usually do. However sometimes it can be a challenge. She sits on her knees, she reaches for things and accidently knocks them over or, our biggest issue, getting up & down off the chair while we’re eating, which I’m not too fond of.  So we tried out theBOOST Plus and so far we absolutely love it!


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First-Time-Mommy.Com Halloween Photo Contest Winners–Are You One??








Thank you to the over 500 people who entered my fun little photo contest. I hope you enjoyed looking at all the cute pictures of your fellow mommies children all decked out for the fall as much as I did. There are some really adorable pictures, make sure to check them all out!!

As mentioned in the original post, all winners are RANDOM and were selected by a random number generator at   All winners will be emailed first thing in the morning so please keep an eye out for your email.

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Introducing Disney Movies Anywhere Android App–Get Your Free Copy of Wreck-It-Ralph Now!







waltdisneystudios google-play



Awesome news.  The Walt Disney Studios and Google Play announced a partnership today enabling millions of U.S. Android users to enjoy their Disney, Pixar, and Marvel digital movie collection across their devices through the Disney Movies Anywhere app and website. 


“Our partnership with Disney now gives Google Play users the ability to conveniently watch all of their Disney, Marvel and Pixar digital movies that have been purchased from any Disney Movies Anywhere participating retailer,” said Jonathan Zepp, head of Google Play Movies partnerships.”



Disney Movies Anywhere is an engaging and family-friendly digital destination that makes it simple for consumers to manage and enjoy their digital collection of Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies in one place, at home and on the go. The integration with Google Play means that it’s easier than ever for consumers to buy the films they love, and then enjoy them through the free Disney Movies Anywhere app and website, as well as everywhere Google Play Movies is available.




In Disney Movies Anywhere, consumers can:

  • Explore Disney’s library of over 400 active digital titles from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel
  • Preview upcoming offerings
  • Enjoy hours of free new and exclusive short-form content
  • Discover curated content based on their individual preferences.


In addition to browsing titles available for purchase, consumers can redeem Digital Copy codes found in Disney, Pixar, and Marvel Blu-rays and DVDs directly in Disney Movies Anywhere, as well as earn Disney Movie Rewards points for digital purchases.


Free Digital Copy of Wreck-It-Ralph



For a limited time, Disney Movies Anywhere users who connect a new participating retailer account will receive a free digital copy of Disney’s hit animated film “Wreck-It Ralph.” Just download the Disney Movies Anywhere app and link to your Google account.


More About Disney Movies Anywhere

The Disney Movies Anywhere App is available in the U.S. for free from the Google Play store and from the iTunes App Store at:  Sign up is also available through the Disney Movies Anywhere website.





Clothespin Reindeer Craft Inspired by Febreze Home for the Holidays Collection #FebrezeHoliday







This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze




Well, it’s finally here. It’s officially the holiday season. Our friends to the north in Canada recently celebrated Thanksgiving and soon it will be our turn, and then, the most wonderful time of the year will be upon us! For our family it’s Christmas.


Just recently we received the cutest little holiday house from Febreze, filled with wonderful scents

from the Febreze Home for the Holidays Collection, which is available at your local Walmart for a limited time only. How can one not get inspired to start holiday crafts when they walk in to their house to the beautiful aroma of Apple Tart, Sugared Cranberry, Toasted Almond, Frosted Pine, or Vanilla Latte?  All scents that remind me of the holiday season for sure!


Our cute little holiday Febreze house was filled with a card box full of recipes & crafts for the holidays. The kids and I picked out a craft to share with you that we thought you would enjoy doing as well.  It’s simple, cheap, and you might even have all the materials at home already. We altered the instructions a bit based on what we had on hand to come up with our own little design. You are encouraged to do the same. Make it unique!



What You Need:

  • hot glue (I used super glue I had laying around but hot glue always works best with wood – for a totally kid friendly craft stick to white glue)
  • 3 clothespins
  • paint (I used acrylic, but even water paints can work well with wood for the kids)
  • googly eyes
  • colored pom poms
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • cotton ball



    Gather whatever you have on hand. You definitely need the clothespins, the googly eyes, the pom poms, and some type of glue. Everything else is optional.




    Glue the 3 clothespins together like this & let them dry (You might want to do this step first before you give it to the kids to finish)



    I colored mine brown with some leftover acrylic paint I had on hand. Water paints are great for kids as it soaks into the wood well and is kid friendly. I let it dry for about 1/2 hour.



    After dry glue the eyes and nose onto the face. Take a small piece of cotton ball & glue it on the back for a tail. Cut your pipe cleaner to form antlers & glue them onto the front of the head. Let it all dry and you’re done!


    Here’s our guy, we call him Rudolph and he’s hanging out in his little pine cone forest in front of Santa’s house.


    Happy Crafting!

    Don’t forget to pick up your Febreze Home for the Holidays Collection scents from your local Walmart this season for a little scentspiration!




    This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze

    Connect with Febreze Online

    Febreze on Facebook @febreze_fresh



    Disclosure: I received  Febreze products in order to facilitate this review. This is a sponsored review for Shespeaks/Febreze. All opinions and experiences are my own. Yours may vary.

  • First-Time-Mommy.Com Halloween Photo Contest









    Welcome to the 2nd annual Halloween Photo Contest. Please read ALL of the following as the rules have been updated since last year to help ensure our contest runs smoothly.  Please make sure to follow the rules so that this goes easy for everyone. 


    I despise popularity contests. All kids are beautiful in my eyes no matter how many friends & family they have to vote for them. So my contest is a little bit different. All winners are chosen randomly!! This is mostly for the fun of getting to see all our kids in their costumes and not just prizes (although those are nice too, who can deny it!). Here’s all the info you need to know.


    Who Can Enter?

    • Everyone. Worldwide.
    • For Fans of on Facebook  (Don’t be a stranger join us)
    • Anyone with a child, grandchild, or a baby bump (bump must be very visible) Your Halloween photo must include your child or grandchild ages 0-18. We want to see those older kids too!!  Children must be in costumes or fall themed settings such as a cider mill, playing in the leaves, or if you live where Halloween is not celebrated a pic of baby holding up a Happy Halloween sign or something festive!


    A Few Rules

    • 1 PHOTO PER FAMILY ONLY (If you have more than one child please make a collage).  Also please do not send multiple photos & ask us to choose. Send your favorite ONE! Thanks.
    • Once your photo has been submitted you cannot submit a different photo later on. Choose wisely.
    • Please interact with the contest & like & comment on your fellow moms pics. It makes everyone feel good and it’s more fun that way. 
    • I reserve the right to change or update the rules if need be.
    • This giveaway & prizes are coming directly from me unless otherwise stated. Please have fun with it & be respectful.
    • Winners are chosen by
    • Anyone leaving disparaging comments will be banned from the page entirely. If you see anything like this please report it to me. (Sorry I have to say this but you just never know!)
    • We will not be accepting any photos through the Facebook page or the Facebook inbox! Don’t worry we will make sure everyone’s photos are up before the contest ends. We will extend the contest if we absolutely have to.


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    September/October Lip Monthly Unboxing and Review







    lip monthly



    Cost: $10 a month
    Ships to: US (Free shipping), Canada/International

    First Box $5: Use Coupon Code FALL5 or FB5 to get your first bag for only $5.



    Hey there Mommies! It’s Rachael, again, back with another review on the monthly beauty subscription, Lip Monthly.


    Lip Monthly is a budget friendly ($10 a month) Lip make up subscription service. Every month Lip Monthly sends you a lovely bag of 5 beauty products. Four of the five products will always be lip products, and the fifth product is something they call the “Monthly Mix Up”. The Monthly Mix Up is the only non Lip product in the bag.


    Budget bag subscriptions are a great way for mommies to build up their beauty supply for a fraction of the price, and as a stay at home mom, I love that it is delivered directly to my door. Who doesn’t love getting a little happy in the mail?



    September’s Lip Monthly Bag


    September’s Lip Monthly bag happened to be the exact same bag as August’s :( Again, the bag is very large, durable, and washable. In fact, when I took a trip to visit family in September, I took 2 of these along as travel bags.They worked great! I fit all of my make up in one bag, all of my 2 year old’s eating utensils, medicine droppers, Tylenol, etc. in the other. Very handy.



    September Bag

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    Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary with New Ready Go Brush and Mouth Rinse







    This is a sponsored post for Firefly. All opinions expressed here are my own.


    Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary Getting Healthy

    Did you know that this year marks Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary? We sure did because we have a huge Hello Kitty fan in our house, my daughter Silje. Since we’re also big fans of good oral care  Silje is celebrating Hello Kitty’s Anniversary with the new Firefly Hello Kitty Ready Go Brush.  I believe good oral health habits start early in life so first Silje brushes her own teeth & then mommy helps, and it’s the same with my 4 and 6 year old sons.  Each morning and evening our entire family brushes their teeth together. I am very partial to helping my kids learn by example.  I rarely hear any complaints because we keep things fun. The kids get toothbrushes and sometimes toothpaste with their favorite characters. Silje is absolutely enamored with her Hello Kitty Ready Go Brush as you can see.


    Hello Kitty Ready Go Brush by Firefly


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    Dr. Cocoa™ for Children Cough and Cold Formulas – Relief with a Smile







    Now that we’re in the full swing of things as far as back-to-school goes, that means one thing around here, germs galore! and the return of the cold and flu season as well as everything that goes along with it!


    If you’ve been following me for a while you know that the first year my oldest son started preschool in 2012 all of us were sick over 13 times the entire school year. Our pediatrician kept telling us it was completely normal but I have to tell you, it sure didn’t feel that way at the time. But he was right, it’s very normal for school-aged children to get anywhere from 8 to 12 colds per year.


    One of the many things we battled with our first year of school was the fact that some of the kids didn’t want anything to do with any type of oral medication. It didn’t matter what was going on, horrible fever? aches & pains? Antibiotics?  It was all refused time & time again. I had to get incredibly creative and most of the time it backfired. Both of my sons have at one time or another cited the taste of medicine as the issue itself. I guess for them its just so absolutely horrible they’d rather be sick than swallow even the smallest amount.


    When I recently learned about NEW  Dr. Cocoa™ for Children I was thrilled.


    “Dr. Cocoa™  is the first-ever chocolate flavored, over-the-counter liquid cough and cold medicine line for children ages 4-13! The great chocolate taste, made with real cocoa, combined with trusted, effective ingredients, means kids are happy to take the medicine and moms are happy that their children will get cough and cold relief.”


    Dr. Cocoa™ for Children Comes in Three Patented Formulas:

  • Dr. Cocoa™ Long-Acting Cough Relief: relieves coughs for up to eight hours without causing drowsiness in children ages 4-13 (active ingredient: Dextromethorphan). Follow the package label for exact dose by age, or speak to your child’s pediatrician.
  • Dr. Cocoa™ Daytime Cough + Cold Relief: relieves stuffy nose and cough for children ages 4-13. Its non-drowsy formula makes it ideal for daytime use (active ingredients: Dextromethorphan and Phenylephrine). Follow the package label for exact dose by age, or speak to your child’s pediatrician.
  • Dr. Cocoa™ Nighttime Cough + Cold Relief: Made especially for children ages 6-13 to relieve coughs, along with stuffy nose, runny nose and sneezing at night (active ingredients: Diphenhydramine, Phenylephrine). Follow the package label for exact dose by age, or speak to your child’s pediatrician.



    Did you know that according to Dr. Cocoa’s new national Harris survey of U.S. parents of school-aged children (ages 4-13), almost 40% of parents said it isn’t easy to give their children over-the-counter liquid cough/cold medicines, with one third of parents believing the taste of the medicine impacted how easy it was to give their child the recommended dose.  Dr. Cocoa™ for Children was developed with its real chocolate flavor just for this reason.



    Oddly enough we received our first bottle of Dr. Cocoa™ for Children Daytime Cough & Cold just as my 4 year old and I were coming down with our first cold of the school season. I decided to go ahead and try just a small taste of it myself  (it is made for children 4-13) because I refuse to give my children anything I would not take myself.  I was worried it might have too much chocolate, but it actually only contains 10% real cocoa. I was amazed at how there was no real aftertaste either. The best part of it though was that my 4 year old happily agreed to take it. The first liquid medication he’s agreed to take willingly in years. 


    I am definitely keeping Dr. Cocoa™ for Children around (safely locked up in my medicine cabinet) in case my 4 year old comes down with another cold. I have a sneaking suspicion he will since this is his first year of preschool! (*knock on wood*). 2 kids in school = double the germs.



    Visit Dr. Cocoa™ on Facebook for a Chance to Win!

    Guess what! Moms & Dads can visit the Dr. Cocoa Facebook page and enter to win  an adorable Dr. Cocoa puppet as well as the complete line of Dr. Cocoa™ for Children medicines!


    Grab a $2 off Coupon

    Before you head out to pick up Dr. Cocoa™ for Children medicines make sure to grab their $2 off coupon while it lasts!

    Where to Purchase

    The entire line of Dr. Cocoa™ for Children medicines can be purchased at several retailers. Head on over to their website, where you can find a store and also learn more about their products. Visit them here:



    Note: Dr. Cocoa products are FDA regulated medicines and should be used only as directed and kept safely out of reach of children.   


    This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. However, all opinions, text and experiences are my own.

  • Target Hot Toy Deal: Transformers Flip & Change $8.75 (Reg $22.99)






    Head on over to Target  (This deal expires today) and pick up a Flip & Change Transformer toy for only $8.75. You’ll save $14.24 off regular price.  I bought 1 for each of my boys (they had this offer last week too & it renewed). I stored them away for Christmas!


    Follow the following steps to get this great deal! You’ll need a smartphone and you’ll need to shop in-store.




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