Carter’s baby clothes may cause rash

So I’m sitting here catching up on the news on CNN, like always and what do I see? “Feds warn Carter’s baby clothes may cause rash”. Great! considering 75% of my babies clothes come from Carter’s. Just what I needed with a son who has super sensitive skin. But, it’s not as bad as it may seem. Apparently it’s the fall 2007 line and that only includes approximately 110 million articles of clothing!

Needless to say, I won’t be checking every single piece of clothing that we own and throwing them away. We can’t afford that! I know for a fact that we have some with the non-stenciled tags, however before my baby wears ANYTHING it is washed in Dreft. There is no way I would ever let my baby wear something that directly touches his skin if it isn’t washed first. How do you know the inspector at the plant, in China, Korea, Taiwan, didn’t go to the bathroom and use his hand as toilet paper? You don’t! I don’t know if you ever seen a picture of the toilets they were trying to update in China before the Olympics began but basically they consisted of a hole in the floor. That’s not the problem of course because for them that is tradition. The problem that was very clear to me was that there was feces, urine and who knows what on the floor. So then, what if you happen to be unstable while squatting? I think you get the picture.

Always wash your babies clothes before you use them people!

Read the original story on CNN

Read the release from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (with pictures of tags in question for those concerned)

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