Pregnant women need flu shots

According to a blog on Cnn the CDC and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that women who will be pregnant during the flu season, get a flu shot.

I don’t know exactly how I feel about that but I do know that I was completely unaware that it was recommended. A little more than 6 months ago when I gave birth to my son, I did so while having the flu. Let me tell you.. it is not something you would want to go through. When I first woke up at 3am with contractions I wasn’t sure if it was just the flu or I was actually going into labor. Thats how bad it was. The whole labor I was unable to breathe. My nose was stuffed up, I was light-headed and I felt horrible. Not that labor makes you feel great.. and of course I had nothing to compare to because it was my first child but still.. you can tell what was being caused by the actual illness and not the labor. One good thing is that because I had it while pregnant, and was breastfeeding after, my son never caught it. Every single family member that had visited me the day of his birth came down with it. You know how much that sucked? My husband was sick as a dog just a few days after and that was at a time I really needed the help.

So make sure your significant other and family members coming into contact with the baby have their flu shot. As far as pregnant mothers, I think that is something you have to decide for yourself after talking to your doctor.

You can read the CNN article HERE

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