Easy Holiday Stuffing and A Chance To Win $1000 From Pepperidge Farm

Lots of moms this year will be making their first-ever holiday meal. One thing I’m really picky about is stuffing. I know a lot of people enjoy cornbread stuffing but I’ll never go back. I prefer this recipe from my mom. I even use it when I bake a whole chicken because I can’t wait until November to have it! It’s so delicious… and even better.. it’s super easy! You know what’s even better than stuffing though? A chance to win $1000 for yourself and a charity of your choice. Pepperidge Farm is doing just that. You’ll find the link at the bottom of this post.

Mushroom and Onion Stuffing

  • 1 package (16oz or so) mushrooms. (brown or white -doesn’t matter)
  • 3 medium onions
  • 1 cup of chicken broth or water
  • 3 tablespoons of McCormick’s poultry seasoning (More or less to taste)
  • 3 tablespoons of butter or margarine

-Chop onions into whatever size you feel comfortable with. (if you have onion haters then small is best)

-Wash mushrooms well, slice them somewhat thick.

-Melt butter or margarine in a large pan. Add your onions to the butter. Cook them on medium until they’re somewhat clear. This doesn’t take long, maybe 10 minutes.

-Add your mushrooms to the mix until they are well cooked.

-Add your bread cubes to the pan along with the chicken broth or water and mix together. (You may need more or less water. Your bread cubes should be wet but not so wet that everything turns into a big glop.)

-Sprinkle in the poultry seasoning.

Cook for only 5 or so minutes then let cool before you put in your turkey. If you’re not stuffing a bird with it then you can cook it in the oven on 350 for 1/2 hour.

The great thing about this stuffing is that you can add anything else you like. If you like celery, add it! nuts, add them. If you can’t find the ingredients listed above (such as bread cubes) you can easily make your own! You can also taste the stuffing to see if it’s too your liking since it contains no raw products. In the end I like to eat my stuffing drizzled with sweet potato juice. Mmm..I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

Now go try your hand at winning $1000 for you and the charity of your choice at the Pepperidge Farm Website.

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