Product Review: Luvs Diapers

Like every new mother, when my son was born I immediately had an idea of which diaper I was going to use. I knew it would be either Huggies or Pampers. The two most popular brands available on the market. However, every time we went to buy more we could never remember which kind we had bought! Both Huggies and Pampers have a variety of different styles. Some were bulky, some leaked, some just had an awkward shape, but mostly what I found was that the same style was never consistently in stock no matter where we went.

So one day while shopping at Target I remembered Luvs. They were a great deal, only slightly more expensive than the Target generic brand and they came in a large box, making it much easier for us by not having to run to the store quite as often. I thought for sure when I tried them they wouldn’t hold up but lo and behold they held up better than the other two brands and they weren’t nearly as bulky.

For around 6 months I used Luvs exclusively, until my son started waking in the night again to feed. Since he is consuming much more now before bed and in the night I have found that the size Luvs I am using now will not make it until morning. They will leak. However, I’m pretty sure that if I move to the next size there won’t be a problem, which is what I intend on doing. I have noticed that they seem to run a little small but other than that I would recommend them to anyone.

You can find THE cheapest deal available on AND you get free shipping. The size I buy now with the free shipping equals out to about .17 cents per diaper. You simply won’t find a better deal for your money.

You can sign up at their site and get a free $1 off coupon if you choose to shop in person and they also have contests going on where you can win a free months supply of diapers or $1000 towards a charity of your choice so make sure to check out the Luvs website as well.

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