Vaccines: Seperating fact from fiction

CNN health has a great article on vaccines that I think everyone should read. As the title suggests they try to separate fact from fiction for you in regards to vaccines, autism, etc.

One interesting thing about the article involves chicken pox. Plenty of times now I have encountered people on the internet that seem to think chicken pox is a simple little disease that can’t do much harm, well I am here to tell you.. I had chicken pox in the 3rd grade. It was right at Christmas time so it is something I will never forget. That was more than 25 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was deathly ill and had scabs and sores over my entire body. Some of them were so horrible that I still have scars today. I have a noticeable one near my nose and I even have one in my ear! So please, don’t be foolish and think that something such as chicken pox can’t do any damage. It can and I feel that I am very lucky that my bout of it wasn’t even worse than it was. Why any person would intentionally expose their child to it at one of these parties the article talks about, is beyond me.

I personally think all this nonsense regarding vaccines has just gotten out of control. I actually had sleepless night over it when it was time to vaccinate my child. A lot of fear mongering really took it’s toll on me and I questioned my own rational mind. I’m glad I came to my senses and got him vaccinated.

Read the article here on CNN and inform yourself.

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