Baby Milestones: Teething

Here comes another tooth.. and more sleepless nights. I thought that maybe Vincent was teething still but I wasn’t sure. I thought maybe his attitude was from the two bottom teeth not poking through enough but I was wrong! It seems I think too much. Yesterday while we were playing he bit me and this time it really hurt. So I moved my finger around in his mouth and found another tooth, but in a totally unexpected place. It seems for his 3rd tooth he’ll be getting a top canine. I guess he just feels that he has to keep the the theme “I want to be different than everyone else”. So this means he got his 3rd tooth (if poking through counts) 1 day after turning 8 months old. Is this what I have to look forward to until they all come in? This all started at 3 months! The drooling, gnawing, chewing, the not sleeping at night….. I miss my happy cheery baby. The one that wasn’t in pain all the time.

This little guy right here.


  1. Try Teething Tablets (available at CVS, RiteAid, and Wal-mart in the vitamin section). They are a GODSEND!

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