Do Smarter Men Produce Better Sperm?

According to a recent British Study from The Institute of Psychiatry intelligent men tend to produce better quality sperm.

The latest study tested the gene theory by taking two characteristics that seemed unlikely to be associated with each other – intelligence and sperm quality.

They found a small, but statistically significant link, and were able to show that this could not be explained by unhealthy habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

The study was based on 425 men who undertook several intelligence tests and provided semen samples.

The researchers found that independently of age and lifestyle, intelligence was correlated with all three measures of sperm quality – numbers, concentration, and ability to move.

Read the whole article here on the BBC


  1. My husband is extremely intelligent – he’s my grey matter hero and can solve any problem I put to him. He also has great swimmers! I totally agree with the findings lol! What a fun blog post, thanks. I saw the title when I was signing up for a giveaway on the Dirty Shirt blog, and just had to come over and read!

  2. I dont know how it can happen. But this much I can understand that intelligence doesnt always play the role in producing better sperm.Because , in our society, some apparently-seen fool men bears intelligent men who,in future, become even great men and meritorious as well.

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