Huggies Overnights Review: I’ve Finally Stopped My Son’s Night-Time Leaks

I posted not long ago about how much I enjoyed using Luv’s diapers due to the fact that they are a lot cheaper than most other brands. They are also less bulky and I’m usually able to find them in stock. Then came the night-time leaks. For whatever reason my son has been waking up at night for a while now and when he does he usually consumes a few ounces of formula. If I don’t disturb him sometimes I can have him back to bed in 5 minutes. He is a very light sleeper so changing a diaper at night seemed to be making matters worse for us.

After my last post on diapers I decided to go ahead and give some of the other brands that I hadn’t explored a try before I decided to go up one size on the Luvs. I first went w/ White Cloud and we’ll get into it another time but I will say that we won’t be buying those anymore! Blowouts galore. Then I went ahead and tried Parents Choice, which tend to be even cheaper than Luvs. I was skeptical but I’m happy to say that I found a winner. However… they did not stop the night-time leaks. Next I was on to Huggies Overnights. My son wears the Parent’s Choice diapers all througout the day and when bedtime comes we use an Overnight. Well, let me tell you.. I have been pleasantly surprised over this past month. No more wet pajamas! I finally found a combination that works and isn’t blowing my budget.

Since this review is on Huggies Overnights and not the other diapers I will tell you a few things that I like about them that seem to be different than the other diapers.

1. They have a stretchy area that goes around the back of the diaper near the waist which seem to make them fit better.

2. The tags they use are very flexible and not stiff and rigid as some of the other brands are. When you put them on there is some “give” to them.

3. The area that goes around the legs and crotch of the baby is more pleated and elasticy which make them more snug fitting without creating creases on babies legs.

4. As far as Huggies diapers go they are not bulky at all which is a big thing with me. I hate bulky diapers.

5. As wet as a few diapers have been I have never once noticed a little ball of gel on my son’s skin after removing the diaper. I also haven’t noticed not one rash, which is a big plus.

6. They have Mickey Mouse on the butt and darn-it, he’s cute.

So, there you have it. It only took me 8 months but I did it! Haha. I’m not sure if I will go back to Luv’s, I may or may not depending on the situation at the time but I will say one thing; I will be using Huggies Overnights every night at bed-time. Not only have they stopped leaks but they have also held in major early morning blow-outs and we get those a lot. For some reason baby likes to poop before he gets out of bed for the day. Now I don’t have to worry about it.

Here’s a great deal on size 3. The best one I could find. If your child wears a different size you’ll obviously have to do some shopping around. Your price to beat is .32 cents per diaper. Twice as expensive as regular diapers but you will use twice as less diapers and you’ll save on water to do laundry for all those dirty pajamas!


  1. Wow, my daughter and you son are exactly the same age! I also have a blog that if for new dads. I love your stories and will comment more, now that i found you. its nice to have somebody with the same happenings in their life…keep it up

  2. We were also tired of the leaks!! They worked wonders for us! We use pull ups now daytime and nighttime. Even though it’s supposed to be cold turkey time. oh well glad they worked for you!

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