Aaah.. it’s been so long since I have updated my blog!  Sometimes I feel like I’m just being lazy about it but then I think about all the things I have going on and I realize that for once in my life I think I have my priorities straight.  I mean I could sit here on my blog updating it 20 times a day like I see a lot of moms doing but the reality is that I just don’t have that kind of time.  It’s not that I work or go to the gym or even hang out w/ friends or family.  Oh no.. thats not it.. I’m usually here at home surviving on 4 or 5 hours sleep, running around like a madman.

Ever since Vincent learned how to walk 3.5 months ago he hasn’t sat still. From the time he wakes up in the morning until he is forced to go to bed he is running around.  When I go to use the bathroom he’s right there with me getting into the cupboards pulling out all my pads and tampons and throwing them around the house, along with the shampoo and the wash cloths.  I calmly go behind him and pick it all up and put it away until my next bathroom trip. Thankfully if I turn the light off in the bathroom he stays out of there… but when he’s not in there he’s pulling all his clean clothes out of his dresser and mixing them together w/ the dirty or he’s standing on the rocking chair next to the desk so that he can get at the mouse and click it.  When that’s not enough he is eagerly trying to climb onto the actual desk.

In between all this activity I’m usually trying to figure out what to feed him.  He recently stopped formula and is totally on milk now and that means I have to be careful that he is getting everything he needs vitamin wise from his food. I haven’t quite got it down yet but I’m getting to it. On top of all of this there are bills to be paid and carpet to be vacuumed (thanks to my seriously hairy dog) multiple times per day.

Along with all the other normal ‘chores’ we stay at home moms have I have quite a few more because of the fact my husband works away from the house during the entire week and sometimes even the weekend.  When he gets home on Fridays he’s usually tired and just wants to relax.. hence the reason my son is still getting into those cupboards and my husband hasn’t baby-proofed like I asked 6 months ago.   Oh well, I finally broke down this past weekend and bought a new drill, latches, a new toilet seat (Vincent pulled the old one off lol) and a freakin’ thing for my kitchen tap so that it will no longer throw water all over the entire kitchen.   So far most of those problems are fixed and today I even installed the latches on the bathroom cupboards.. but guess what?? Of all days the baby finally figured out how to open the kitchen cupboards.

So, there you have it. I’ve been pretty busy. In addition to all of the things I just mentioned my husband and I (mainly *I* since I do the paperwork and he has no clue whats going on) are dealing with immigration. I just recently had to send more than 70 pieces of evidence to them so that they could decide if my marriage is legitimate.  Funny thing is.. they’ve been trying to decide this for more than 2 yrs now and this is the second time I have sent evidence for this particular application (1 of 5 billion they require you to file when you marry an immigrant).  This June will be my 5th wedding anniversary and I’ve been going through this for 6 yrs now. I am so tired of it I can’t even talk about it right now. I don’t want to get myself worked up.

Anyway! Hopefully since I’ve been getting a little bit more organized and on-track I will be able to update my blog more often about more personal things. I don’t know about you but I really don’t like reading blogs that are just filled with reviews and that was never my intention for this blog in the first place.  Speaking of that I have 2 reviews I need to write and post but once again it’s 1am and this tired mom will be getting woke up in approximately 1/2 hour for that night-time feeding that keeps lingering.

Until next time. Goodnight!

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  1. And I thought it was hard to get things done around the house with a constantly sleeping newborn! You definitely have been busy!

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