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So, I’m sure most of us have heard that potty training boys is harder than it is girls. Well I’ve decided to challenge that old wives tale (or is it?).  Why should it be harder or take longer? And why should it take up until 3 yrs of age to do it?  About 2 months ago (at 12 months) when changing my sons diapers I started to say “pee pee diaper. We throw it in the garbage.” and he would follow me and watch. When he had a poopy I would show him that it goes in the diaper pail.  Not long after that he caught on and he decided he would throw away his own diapers.  Of course I applauded him, called him a big boy and made a big deal out of it because I wanted to encourage his behavior.

Soo… here we are at 14 months and he loves to flush the toilet, he can say pee pee and he will now call out “pee pee, pee pee” when I change his diaper.  He also knows that pee pee goes in the toilet. I always announce to him when I have to go pee pee and I say “Now we flush it all gone.” and he flushes it for me.  Usually two or three times since it’s so much fun.  Just last week or so I decided I would start putting him on the big toilet (haven’t bought a potty yet) and see what he thought of it. Well he finds it extremely amusing but usually only for about 1 minute and then he wants down. That’s ok though because just these past few days he has been trying to remove his own diaper and looking down at his ‘peepee’ right before he has an accident on the floor.  In my head I figure that he is now associating his ‘peepee’ with going pee.

When he’s on the toilet I have told him to go “ugh” sort of like a grunt and then I push on his belly and I say “go pee pee”.  Well it seems like that is working because he acts like he understands. However, no pee pee has made it in the toilet yet.  But heck I’ve only just started introducing him to it and not actually trying to train him yet. I figured this would make it easier for him.  Just tonight he tried pulling off his diaper and then he ran in the bathroom and say ‘that” and I go “what do you want? Do you have to go pee pee?” and he said “yep yep” and he tried to climb up onto the toilet.  No pee pee but hey it’s a start!

I have also noticed that he has started to hide when he is pooping. I don’t think he’s ashamed or anything but more like he just wants the privacy. Probably because every time I see him pooping I ask him if he’s pooping. I suppose it could be pretty annoying. Lol.  But he’s also started to try telling me immediately that he needs a clean diaper, which is great because that means he doesn’t want to be in a dirty diaper.  Of course when I actually try to change it he runs the other direction.

Anyway, my biggest reason for starting this early is because he is such a big boy and we are already in size 5 diapers and really need to move to size 6, I figure we only have 1 size left after that and it’s on to pull-ups. Since I still haven’t seen a real slow in growth from him (He grew 11 in. the 1st yr) it’s making me a little nervous.  Diapers are getting a bit expensive and as you know when you move up a size you get less diapers in the pack.

So… if anyone has potty trained a boy and a girl before what were the differences you noticed?  Was it harder to train a boy?  I’d love some advice. The more the better.


  1. I have no potty training advice. I failed miserably with all four of my boys, and the only reason they’re not still in training pants at college is because my lovely mother stepped in and humiliated them into continence.

    I can tell you that the reason 3 is set forth is that that’s when you can be reasonably assured that the pathways to the sphincters have been myelinated, and therefore the kid is actually capable of controlling themselves. It’s not that it’s set in stone–just like sitting up or rolling over, there’s a range. Some kids earlier, some later.

  2. I’m in the midst of potty training my 29-month old daughter and it is not fun! I did like you and started introducing the idea very young, around 12 months as well, she’s even used the potty successfully about 4 times, but she won’t give up the diaper. We sit in the bathroom for hours, she says she has to do “pee-pee”, she acts as if she is ok with going in the potty. Then, she says…”idun haffa go aneeemore” So we leave the bathroom and she “pee-pees” on the floor. Then she cries and pleads for her diaper, which I usually give into after an hour of blood, sweat and tears (minus the blood) and the cycle continues. It’s frustrating because I know she knows what she’s doing, but she just won’t do it, lol…does that make sense? She’s even went as far as throwing ALL of her “big girl” panties in the garbage. I feel like she’s training me rather than the other way around. So..no, I don’t think girls are easier to train, haha.

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  4. I don’t remember if it was Oprah or Dr. Phil, who had a woman on who specialized in potty training. She said that for a weekend, you stay home and pick one day where you have full day, then give the kids salty snacks and lots of juice. She said that the snacks make them thirsty and the juice doesn’t quench that thirst. Normally, she doesn’t recommend feeding kids like that, but for one day it doesn’t hurt and it makes them NEED to pee, often. I know it took my sister until my nephew was almost four to get him trained. I’ve heard that boys are just harder too. My son will be 20 months next summer and I plan to try then when I’m home for summer break.

  5. Luckily for me (I think? Haha) I’m home every day so I figure I have a little more time on my hands to really try to get it done. I haven’t started yet but I do have the potty chair now and he’s getting used to that. He’s been saying “pee pee” and running to sit on it. Of course he has his diaper on so nothing is going to happen but at least he’s realizing that toilet is his. I think the lack of water in it is confusing for him though and the fact that I had already introduced him to the big toilet. I really hope it doesn’t take until he’s 4! I’ll be broke by then if it does haha. I’ve also heard that boys are harder. Thanks for the advice, it is certainly something to consider and completely makes sense.

  6. Thanks for your input Nicole. I guess every child is different. It certainly does sound like your daughter is training you hehe. I know the feeling though. It’s strange that she threw away all the big girl pants because that’s always the one thing people tell me worked with their girls. 29 months isn’t that old though if you really think about it. I just hope for your sake it doesn’t take another 29 months 🙂 Btw, I know about the whole peeing on the floor thing. My son rips off his diaper and does it at least once a day. Can’t wait for that stage to be over with!

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