B-Natal Vitamin B6 TheraPop/Lozenge For Morning Sickness – Review and Giveaway (Now Closed)


What is B-natal?

B-natal™ is formulated to soothe the symptoms of morning sickness with doctor-recommended Vitamin B6. Available in a cherry-flavored TheraPop™ or a green apple lozenge, B-natal provides sweet relief without any pills to swallow or liquid to drink.

B-natal is the only product of its kind—lollipop or lozenge—with clinically proven, efficacious amounts of B6, and just enough sugar to help alleviate symptoms and sweeten the taste.


The Science Behind B-natal and More About Vitamin B6

In 2004, the leading academy of obstetricians and gynecologists issued guidance for physicians on the treatment of morning sickness. After reviewing the scientific literature, they concluded that the first defense against morning sickness is B6 in the form of pyridoxine.

The role B6 plays in alleviating the nausea and vomiting of morning sickness is poorly understood because the root cause of the condition is poorly understood. The two leading theories for the onset of morning sickness are: 1) hormonal changes and 2) lower blood sugar levels during pregnancy.  It is likely, however, that morning sickness results from a combination of factors.

B6 is the most commonly studied treatment methodology and has been recommended by physicians since 1942.

Additionally, supplementation of Vitamin B6 for expectant mothers may be necessary because many women suffer from B6 deficiency during pregnancy. A lack of Vitamin B6 has been linked to interference with protein absorption, the underutilization of amino acids and the presence of toxemia.


During my second OB appointment when I was around 9 or 10 weeks I asked my Dr. what I could do for morning sickness, which in my case was ALL-DAY sickness. I had read online that there was medication they could give you. I was hoping my Dr. would go that route. Unfortunately he didn’t. He is sort of an old-school guy and anything that can be handled naturally and without drugs, is. So he wrote on a piece of paper that I should take 1/2 a unisom and 25mg of Vitamin B6.  Well….. try looking around for 25mg Vitamin B6 maybe you’ll have better luck than me because I was unable to find it. Same with the Unisom. In fact I had even asked him “They still make that?”.

So, I was left on my own with nothing.  I will admit that one particularly bad day I used something called Emetrol for nausea but I don’t think you’re supposed to do such things. I was so desperate and throwing up so much that I had to try something.  It eventually got to the point that after 2 yrs my son no longer followed me into the bathroom because he was afraid of what would happen! lol.

After about 12 weeks the symptoms subsided for the most part but boy do I wish I had B-Natal then.  Thankfully I have it now because even at 20 weeks, when morning sickness is supposed to be OVER I still have the occasional bout of nausea and vomiting. I guess it’s just going to be one of those pregnancies.

Summary: After using the B-Natal pops whenever I start feeling nauseous I haven’t been sick to my stomach. I am also really pleased with the taste. It’s just like a very popular throat lozenge I used as a kid that tastes more like candy than anything else.  The only con to the pops is that if you have kids around the house already you will have to hide them. It’s also very hard to eat them in front of them seeing as they’re suckers. But they most definitely come in handy! Throw one in your purse if you’re going out and you’re all set.

Where To Purchase B-Natal

bnatal boxes

B-Natal retails for $15.99 a box of 28 and there are 3 ways to buy B-Natal:



Prize: 1 lucky mom-to-be is going to get to try B-Natal herself. Wait, did I say lucky? Well I guess lucky in the sense that if you are suffering from morning sickness at least you have an option! a great tasting one at that 🙂

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Disclaimer: As a member of MomSelect I was sent the above product to facilitate this review. No monetary exchange took place. Information taken directly from B-Natal website. Review is strictly my opinion.

Thank you to all that entered and sorry for the delay.

Lucky #1 – Sarah D is our winner. Congrats!


  1. I have never, until now, heard of B-Natal. If I win, I’d like Cherry.

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  12. I have not heard of B-Natal before now. I was using Preggy Pops. I would like to try the cherry. I have a 4 month old who gave me terrible nausea, and now I am preggo AGAIN, and feeling the effects,lol

  13. I have not!
    I would like apple
    We’re about to start trying for #2 and I was so sick with #1!!!!!

  14. I have never heard of it. But would love to try the cherry flavor.

  15. I have never heard of it until now, very interesting. I’d like to try the Cherry-flavored!

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  24. I have not heard of B-Natal before. Cherry would probably be a good flavor to try.

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  34. This is the first time I have heard of B-Natal, though I have heard of other brands of B vitamin pops for morning sickness. I would like the green apple lozenges.

  35. Until now, I have never heard of B-Natal. I would love to try the green apple!

  36. Never heard of them, until now, but now I have, I’m intrigued!!

    Cherry flavor, please!

  37. I haven’t heard of heard of B-Natal before. The green apple lozenge sounds very nice!

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