Sugar Free Ring Pops – Review and Giveaway (Now Closed)


Everyone knows about Ring Pops, right?? We all had them as a kid. Even though I’m no longer a kid I still love Ring Pops and when I was asked if I wanted to help introduce everyone to the new sugar-free ring pop I couldn’t say no!



Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. I do not give my child suckers, lollipops or any sort of hard candy because he only just turned 2 yrs old and I am very aware that suckers are one of the leading causes of choking in children. Sometimes people look at me strange when I tell them my son can’t have a sucker, but it’s just something I don’t take a chance on right now.

Why I’ll Allow Ring Pops But Not Suckers

I was a little hesitant to give him the ring pop but there were a few important factors that allowed me to say yes.  The pop is attached to the ring with far less chance of the whole thing going down his throat at once.  As long as he only thinks he is supposed to suck on it and he is not taught to chew it, that’s all he will do, which is a big thing with me. I don’t want him biting off a huge piece and maybe choking.  I also made sure he was supervised the whole time. Last but not least, the fact that it’s sugar free means that it can be a treat he receives occasionally and I don’t have to worry about cavities or having a hyper kid jumping all over the house.

Needless to say he was incredibly compliant. He only licked the pop and he kept it on his finger where it was placed. He sat on the couch quietly until the whole thing was gone. Woo hoo. You have no idea how rare that is lol. In my eyes, sugar free ring pops are a keeper and I hope my son will have the same fond memories of them as I do when he gets to be my age.

By the way, Mom loved the new Sugar-free ring pops too 😉 I really couldn’t taste the difference.

More About Sugar Free Ring Pops

Sugar Free Ring Pop is the ideal treat for today’s active kids. It’s a candy kids wear on their finger, so they never have to worry about dropping it. Parents can now feel even better about giving Ring Pop to their kids because Sugar Free Ring Pop won’t cause cavities, has no fat, and has only 30 calories per great-tasting, long-lasting pop! Sugar Free Ring Pop is the perfect treat and comes in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Strawberry!

Sugar Free Ring Pop is perfect for:

  • Kids Sports Events
  • Kids Parties
  • Occasional Treats
  • Rewards
  • Trips (Ring Pops last a long time!)
  • Engagement Parties & Wedding favors

Look for Sugar Free Ring Pop at Wal-Mart stores nation wide.

Visit the official website for fun Ring Pop games and let us know what you think about Sugar Free Ring Pop on the Ring Pop Facebook fan page!

Disclaimer: I received the item above in order to facilitate my review. I also received one package to giveaway to my readers. Info provided by ringpop and the ringpop site.. Review and opinion are completely my own and were not influenced in any way.



Prize: 1 Person Will Receive A 3 Pack of New Sugar-Free Ring Pops


To Enter:  Please answer the required question. If the required question is not completed then none of your entries will count.  After that you have several other ways of getting extra entries.  Make sure that for each one you do you leave a separate comment. Each comment counts as one entry.

* Required: Which sugar free flavor do you want to try the most?

Blue Raspberry, Watermelon or Strawberry?


Earn Extra Entries

1 Extra Entry –
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Good Luck!

Giveaway is open to residents of the U.S., 18 yrs of age or older. Any posts not including the requested information will be deleted. This giveaway ends: Sunday May 16, 2010 12am EST. Winner will be contacted immediately and announced Monday May 17, 2010. In the event the winner does not respond to email within 48 hours I will choose another random winner. I will be using to do this.

Congrats to the Winner –

#26 – Cassie

Thank-you to all who entered!


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  2. good luck guys

  3. I want to try the blue raspberry the most, then smile really big with a blue mouth! haha!

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  10. Oh, most definitely the Blue Rasberry

  11. I would love the strawberry 😉 Thank you!

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  14. I would love to try the Strawberry ring pops!!

  15. I’d like to try the watermelon flavor.

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  17. I would love the strawberry! 🙂 Thanks for offering this prize!

  18. Oh strawberry of course!!

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  20. I want to try Blue Raspberry

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  33. I want to try the watermelon flavor

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  35. Watermelon for me! Who doesn’t have fun wearing a Ring Pop?!

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