Save Our Skins -Gray wolf, Polar Bear, & Salmon Need Your Help Right Now!

I have a message I was asked to share with my readers that is very important.  I hope you’ll take a moment to learn more and help out.

Congress’ current budget bill has a series of ANTI-WILDLIFE PROPOSALS that would strip Endangered Species protections for the gray wolf, expand offshore oil drilling in the Arctic that could harm the polar bear habitat, and take away water intended to restore rapidly declining salmon runs.

Sadly, all three of these species are already struggling to survive:

Polar Bears live in some of the harshest conditions on Earth and are now being hit by climate change.

 Polar Bear - Photo courtesy of

Salmon must fight their way past dams and irrigation pumps just as more and more of their water is siphoned off for human use.

Salmon - Photo courtesy of

Gray Wolves were slaughtered to the brink of extinction until recovery efforts in the 1990s pulled them back from the edge.

Gray Wolf - Photo Courtesy of EarthJustice.or

Animals like these three are amazing, iconic species that represent the very best of America’s great untamed wilderness. To lose these animals is to lose an essential part of America’s greatness.

Are You Listening?

Gray wolf, Polar bear and Salmon each need your help and they have taken to twitter to get their message across. Yes you read that right, they’re on Twitter! (Now you have no excuse). They have been sharing their daily adventures with us and giving us a glimpse into their life. The life they deserve to live, in the way nature intended.  Have you been listening? If not, click on any of their pictures below to learn more about them, watch a video, and follow them on Twitter to see what they have to say about their situation.

Gray Wolf

Polar Bear
Polar Bear



Have Your Say

All three of these beautiful animals are resilient creatures who did not survive this long just to have politicians put their existence up for a vote. You can make your voice heard as well! Tell Congress that we oppose these attacks on the Endangered Species Act!

Take Action

You can make your voice heard by sending a letter to Senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell! Click here to send a pre-written letter or to write your own message. Only 400 people more are needed to reach 30,000.  With Earth Day fast approaching it’s the perfect time to help. So what are you waiting for?!

To Learn More About Earthjustice you can visit:

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  1. Though your passion if evident, none of these species are endangered. The biggest threat to polar bears is climate change, not oil drilling. Salmon runs will continue to decline until all dams and diversions are removed, and wolves have recovered to the point of delisting.
    These species are flagship species…they recieve attention because they are cute and cuddly.
    There are actually species out there that are endagered; I urge you to promote their plights.

  2. Earthjustice makes it’s revenue two ways. The first is to bring suit against the US Government. Through a little known statute they are reimbursed for all attorneys fees if they successfully argue any cases, even a technicality can result in thousands of dollars.

    The second funding source is you. They make emotional appeals using words reserved for human children such as baby, infant, adopt, etc, and they show photos of soft eyed animals.

    Information on wolves, polar bear, and salmon is close by on the pages of Wikipedia, might want to go take a look.

    Any donations to litigation companies might well do more harm than good.

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