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If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve seen me discuss my love for Jewelry several times now. I purchased a green chalcedony pendant from them last year. After getting free shipping I amazingly only paid $19! It arrived in the cutest little box, perfectly packaged. I couldn’t believe how much care they had put into this pendant. That’s when I fell in love with them.



Every time I wear my pendant someone asks me where I got it. I don’t mind telling them because has something for everyone. I could literally search their site for hours.. and I have! That’s why when I was invited to participate in a contest to become’s next guest stylist I jumped at the chance.

Will I Be The Next Guest Stylist? It’s Up to You to Decide!

Ice has been partnering with celebrity bloggers, musicians, TV stars and authors, asking them to put together their own personal selections of their favorite jewelry from Ice. You can check out the most recent Ice Guest Stylists here:


Now are asking select bloggers to pick out some of their favorites that they feel reflect their own sense of style.

How This Mom Got Her Style Back

I used to love jewelry when I was younger. Rings & bracelets were always my favorite, but once I became a stay-at-home mom I found it wasn’t easy to keep up ANY sort of style. Sometimes I didn’t even get out of my pajamas & sometimes I still don’t! As far as jewelry?  First it started with the rings when my fingers became too swollen during pregnancy, then went the necklaces after baby was born. In the end all my jewelry went in the drawer and there it stayed.


Then I got pregnant a second time.. and that’s when I discovered Something came over me.. a longing perhaps? I missed the days of dressing up, even if it was just for work! I missed putting together outfits, painting my nails and adorning myself with beautiful jewelry. I missed being girly!

Beauty at a Bargain

This overwhelming feeling came over me just about the time I stumbled upon That’s why I took the plunge and ordered from their site. I am extremely frugal so of course I tried to get the best bargain possible.. and I did.  I believe you don’t have to spend your child’s college money just to look good! You can look & feel good at a bargain thanks to They have something in everyone’s price range.  Thanks to I got my love of style back.


Here are two pieces that I personally adore:


Stainless Steel Animal Print Cuff Bracelet

I love animal prints. They’re incredibly versatile. This stainless steel animal print cuff bracelet by Tattooed Steel would be great for work, a night out on the town, a concert, or hey even at home if you just enjoy glamming it up.  Best of all? It’s only $50!

4/5 Carat Created Ruby Sterling Silver Ring

Sleek & colorful, this 4/5 carat created ruby sterling silver ring is perfect for adding a touch of color without being too bold. Only $55


Disclosure: The opinions in this post are mine. They were not influenced in any way. I am receiving a gift certificate for participating in this promotion.

20% Off Coupon Code

Use coupon code FBBOC or shop directly from this link:

(Some exclusions apply: This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer is not valid for any clearance or sale items, engagement rings, watches or the Persona Charms Collection. Subject to availability. This offer expires January 15, 2012. )

Please Vote For Me to Be The Next Guest Stylist

The winner will be chosen by YOU. All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post or “like” this blog post by clicking on the Facebook button at the bottom of this post.

The blogger whose post gets the most votes by Dec. 16th, 2011 will be featured as an Ice Guest Stylist in early 2012.


This could be big for me & my family because the winner will receive a share of profits made from her Guest Stylist Post!


Thank you so much!!




  1. Good Luck Monica.

  2. Rooting for u and your boys Monica, best wishes

  3. You would be wonderful for this! Good luck!!!!

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  5. Good luck. Fingers are crossed for you to win!

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