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Every year, just like most of you, I make a New Years resolution. Sometimes it works out and sometimes I give up before I’ve even started. This year I’ve contemplated A LOT about what I really want to accomplish this year. I have had a lot of drama in my life lately. 2011 was not a good year to say the least. I kept taking in the positive though and moving forward. I actually accomplished my goals these last few years and this year I want it to be the same, except my main goal is very different, and maybe some might think a tad bit selfish.


This year, as a New Years resolution I want to put me first just a little more. I give a lot to others and I don’t take much. In fact some people might find it crazy to know that I haven’t had my hair cut at a salon in more than 21 years. I’ve never had a manicure or a pedicure. I’ve never been to a spa. Up until last year I was literally wearing the same pair of Nike’s that my mom had bought me for Christmas over 10 years ago! They were still in great shape believe it or not and it took A LOT of effort on my part to lift my fingers to the keyboard and order a new pair of sneakers. I hate spending money on myself. Hate it.


In the past year I took up smoking again, and quit again, for GOOD even though the odds were against me. I didn’t gain 1 single pound the entire year. I managed to keep this blog somewhat together and build an amazing following of women on Facebook. I ditched the negative friends who weren’t headed in the right place and I reconnected with an old friend who is, and together we forgave our problems of the past. I fixed up my house to make it a little more of my own, and I worked worked worked in my spare time on giveaways and reviews just for that little bit extra that might help my own family and any other needy families…… but… I stopped my personal posts.. I forgot about me.. my feelings, my needs.. I didn’t even post Xmas pictures of my kids!! on my own blog… I kept it all inside, I internalized it.


Now, it’s time to work on ME. Just a little bit at a time. This year will be great. I’m going to give birth to a baby girl, my last baby.. my last chance to live in that miraculous moment that every woman should get to experience. I’m going to get myself together, and I’m going to continue to rid myself of any negative in my life. I’m going to continue to move forward and strive for all that I want for myself and my children. I’m going to be happy with the little things. I am going to be me again. The real me. Why? Because when you feel good about yourself inside and out and acknowledge all that you can accomplish in life, you give your own self strength to continue on your journey, whatever journey that may be. It’s great when other people lift you up and help you along, but it’s even greater when you can accept yourself and all that you are worth. When you truly love yourself and are true to yourself. I want that!



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