$1 Off International Delight Iced Coffee

We were just talking about drinking coffee during pregnancy on the First-Time-Mommy Facebook page the other day when a lot of the mama’s told me they’re big coffee fans. Even though I haven’t had any caffeine in 4 months I was thinking about giving this new International Delight iced coffee a try (Maybe just a cup a week as a treat).  They just came out in January and look so delicious! I imagine I can freeze some, mix it up in my blender and have myself a small Frappuccino & then give the rest to my husband for his Bailey’s and coffee & I won’t be tempted to go overboard.
1 carton is 8 servings and right now at Walmart you can find it (after coupon) in the dairy aisle for about $2.63.  That makes it about 33 cents a serving. Can’t really beat that.

Print a coupon now. I have a feeling these will go fast!
$1.00 off any flavor International Delight


You can learn more about the new International Delights Iced Coffee’s as well as get all the nutritional info on the International Delights Facebook page.

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