Birthday Presents From a 3 Year Old–I’m the Luckiest Mommy In The World

Another year passed for me on Monday, so on Sunday while my son’s father was still at home we had a bit of cake and I got to open my presents from my boys. My 3 year old made sure to remind his father every time he seen him in the 2 weeks prior that they had to make a cake for my birthday “It’s going to be a great surprise. A beautiful cake” he said.  He also reminded his father that he had to take him to the store so that him and his brother could buy birthday presents for me. I thought it was amusing because my husband and almost all the other men I’ve ever known (except for a select few) don’t’ remember birthdays and when they do it’s usually last minute.. and here was my 3 year old reminding him for weeks! I know it may sound mean or rude but I think a big part in how men behave on special occasions is how we raise them to behave or allow them to behave when they’re children.


While they were at the store my husband had texted and told me that he didn’t know what to let my son get, so I told him to let my son pick everything out himself. “Let him get whatever he wants! I’ll enjoy whatever it is.. after all he is only 3 years old” (soon to be 4 next week!!).  Well, lo’ and behold… when I opened up my wonderful presents, this is what I had:



Earlier in the day I got some flowers picked from out of the “garden”, body wash, deodorant, a candle, hot pink nail polish, a snickers and a beautiful card that both the boys drew on!


How lucky of a Mommy am I??   I couldn’t have been happier because I KNOW my son picked these things out himself and I know he felt proud to do it. I think he knows his Mommy really well and that made me grin ear to ear.   I just hope 20 years from now he still gets as excited to help his old mom celebrate another year! 

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  1. So incredibly sweet =)

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