60 Cents Off 2 Green Giant Boxed Vegetables

Greengiant couponI love vegetables & when I can’t get them fresh some of my favorites are the Green Giant frozen vegetables in boxes. I’ve found that they’re just enough for me and my boys at dinnertime. I always try to keep some on hand so that I’m less apt to cook something that’s not as healthy for us. They’re also great to stock up on when you’re preparing meals in advance for when your new baby comes home (thanks to a reader for that suggestion).  They’re low in calories, only take minutes to cook, and they’re endorsed by Weight Watchers.  You can regularly find them on sale so that’s why I wanted to make sure to share the following coupon with you courtesy of Weight Watchers & Green Giant.


Grab a Coupon (60 cents of 2 boxes)


Disclosure: Thank you to Weight Watchers and Green Giant who provided me with this information and coupon through MyBlogSpark.

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