EcoStoreUSA 25% Off Surprise Sale–Today Only


As the name implies EcostoreUSA sells eco-friendly products. I have done a couple reviews for EcoStoreUSA in the past 4 1/2 years. In fact they’re one of the first companies I was able to work with on this blog. Since then I’ve been using their products religiously, especially the Pure Oxygen Whitener. I have almost completely stopped using bleach since discovering the Oxygen Whitener. I use it on all our undergarments, socks, and if there are especially difficult stains on any of the children’s and babies clothing.  It’s an absolutely amazing product and it works far better than any other whitening product I’ve tried!   I just soak our soiled clothes in hot water overnight w/ the Oxygen whitener & my regular laundry soap and it has removed blood, poop, throw up, mud, and all sorts of mysterious stains.

Babies & Bleach Don’t Mix

If you’re a mom, especially a new mom and you’re looking for a replacement product for bleach (because who wants their babies around that smell??) you have to try their Pure Oxygen Whitener.


Ecostore_Goatsmilk_Baby_soapBesides the Oxygen Whitener I’m a huge fan of their soaps, which are priced extremely cheaply ($1.80!), last a very long time, and smell divine. I really love using the goat’s milk soap when giving babies a bath because their skin is so soft and delicate & the soap contains very few ingredients. The soaps also last for months.


I could go on and on about all their products. I’m currently loving their Pear shampoo & conditioner but I really just wanted to alert you to a special surprise 1 day sale that they’re having. They recently lowered all their prices and now they’re having this 25% off sale. Now would be a great time to check them out or stock up on all your favorites. I’m putting my order in right now!

25% Off Today Only

Use code 25for25 today for 25% off your entire order on EcoStoreUSA’s newly lowered prices.  Orders over $25 ship for free to the US and Canada. 



Disclosure: This post was not compensated in any way I just really love EcoStoreUSA.

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