Silje– 1 Week Old

Ok, here goes.. I am going to TRY my hardest to post a pic/story up at least once a week about baby girl. I wanted to do this with my sons but it was a real challenge as I was always adjusting to having a new baby or being pregnant lol.  At least that’s what it seems.  3 kids in less than 5 years has kept me pretty busy.




So it’s been 1 week with baby Silje (Sil yuh).  Her brothers adore her so much. Her first day home Aidan (21 months) eyed her up and down & then realized she had a pacifier just like him. “Binky” he joyfully proclaimed as he tried to take it from her mouth & then give it back to her again, accidently almost poking her in the eye.  His speech capabilities amaze me. He walks up to her all the time and says “Baby sister, awww.” It makes my heart skip a beat.


Vincent & SiljeBig brother Vincent (4 yrs) just stared and stared and finally asked to hold her. He’s since been such a big help to me. He brings me her diapers & wipes when it’s time and he’s been quite curious about breastfeeding.  He grilled me for what seemed like hours on what the baby sister eats and where it comes from until he finally accepted that she would get milk from mommies boobies except around here when it comes to the babies we call them “neh neh’s”. The sound a baby makes when telling you they’re hungry “neh nehhhhh”.   He asked to see her eat so I let him. I haven’t been shy about it. What’s the point? I don’t want him growing up like most men I’ve known (and even my own self at one point) who don’t understand what breasts are really made for.


First Doctor’s Visit

Silje had her first Dr’s visit on Wed June 13 and everything checked out fine.  The Dr. gave me some pointers to taking care of a little girl.  After having 2 boys I really don’t know much about little girls and how to care for their bodies so I welcomed the info.  So far she has only lost a few ounces!  A big difference from my 2nd son who was exclusively breastfed at first and had lost quite a bit of weight before even leaving the hospital. Her jaundice wasn’t very bad at all either and it’s pretty much cleared up now.


First Bath

Her umbilical stump fell off a bit early last night and so she was able to have her first real bath. She LOVED it. She was the only one of my kids who didn’t cry the first time.


First Bath

First Bath


Everything else is going quite alright for the time being. We’re all adjusting little by little. She’s a good sleeper so that helps.. and she’s been keeping her eyes open longer and longer each day. Up until yesterday she hadn’t spent much time awake so it’s nice to finally see her open her eyes and really look around and take it all in.  I’m sure she’s thinking something like “ Wow it’s loud around here!”.


  1. She is so beautiful!!

  2. Congrats on your new little girl! And good job on getting that update up. Thanks for the pics 🙂

  3. Beautiful, congratulations 🙂

  4. Ahwwwwww, she is so beautiful and I absolutely love her name…congratulations to you and your family and welcome to the world Silje may you have a blessed life.

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