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Have you heard of push presents or push gifts? Well, if you haven’t, allow me to explain. Push presents have been around for a thousand years. First started by the Romans.  A push present is a meaningful gift bestowed upon a woman usually by someone she holds dearly, after giving birth. Hence the term “push”. Not just your typical flowers & a card but something much more thought out.


Only a few weeks after my daughter was born Juno Lucina sent me the most beautiful 14k white gold diamond necklace. I have to tell you I cried when I found out they were sending it & again when I received it. It really brought out a lot of emotions in me considering how the birth of my daughter went & just how lucky we were.  You see Juno Lucina makes high quality jewelry specifically for pregnant or new mothers & their designs are based on Juno Lucina, the Roman goddess of childbirth, who was said to protect both mother and newborn in their journey ahead.


From jlucina.com

Theology states that Juno Lucina was invoked during childbirth for both an easy delivery and the promise of a healthy child. The name Lucina, of Latin origins meaning light, refers to "she who brings children into the light of the world for the first time."

I had the opportunity to discuss this line of jewelry with the owner & creator, Erik. I have to tell you it’s not often that an owner actually takes the time to explain what their vision was, how their product started, what it means, and what they hope to accomplish.  While speaking to him you can actually hear the love in his voice. This man created this line of jewelry to first and foremost honor his own wife (who happens to be expecting their second soon!) & secondly to honor all mothers & those that are soon to be mothers for the first time. A lot of thought went into the making of this company. They have concentrated their efforts on only making this one specific gift. Although it comes in many forms. Earrings, necklaces’, custom made, etc.


Juno Lucina offers the perfect push present. All of their jewelry has a unique design which symbolizes the hands of Juno Lucina, the Roman Goddess of Childbirth, cradling and protecting the head of both mother and child.  Each piece comes in a  plush box, along with a special message for the mother telling her about the goddess, her meaning, and special words to make sure she knows this present is presented for an incredibly special moment in her life.

Where To Purchase

You can purchase a necklace like the one you see on this site anywhere from 1/10th of a carat for $299 up to 1/2 carat at $1299. You’ll also find other styles and designs, as well as the ability to create custom pieces in the couture line, for the more discerning customer. All of this can be found & purchased directly on the Juno Lucina Website. Which features stellar customer service might I add. A new website is debuting the week of August 12th so please make sure to check it out!



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Prize: 14k white gold necklace with 2 diamonds. 1/10 ctw. Symbolizing mother & child being cradled by the Roman goddess of childbirth.
How to Enter:  Just scroll down to the comments on this blog and leave a comment telling me who you want to win this for (no shame if it’s for you), and then fill out the Rafflecopter form (it will pop up after a minute). *Note: The Rafflecopter form will require you to “like” the Juno Lucina FB page as well as the “First-Time-Mommy” FB page.
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Disclosure: I received the above product in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed here are my own. Your experience may vary.


  1. id love this for myself it is very pretty 🙂

  2. for my beautiful niece who is expecting

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    I would love to win this for my sister who is due very soon!

  4. I would love it for myself.

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  6. i would like to win this for me. had my first child in jan of 2010 and second in may of 2011

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  8. I might keep it for myself, or give it to my daughter.

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  12. this will be all mine!

  13. I guess I want this for me! Although if I won I’d contemplate giving it to my mom or sister-in-law

  14. I would love to win this for myself

  15. I want to win, because it is a beautiful necklace.

  16. I would love it for me. My 60th birthday is coming up and this would nice to wear to dinner.

  17. I’d love to get this for my wife. She’ll love it.

  18. I would like to win it for myself.

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    I want to win it for myself.

  20. i would like to win this for my wife 🙂

  21. I want to win it for myself.

  22. i’d like to win this for my sister who is a great mom


  23. I want it for myself since no one bothered to tell my husband about push gifts 20 years ago!

  24. I’d love it for myself too 🙂

  25. Not ashamed to say I want to win for myself…

  26. I would want this for a gift.

  27. I think that it is wonderful that there is a piece of jewelry that is made with first time mommys in mind. Usually when a mom has a baby, everyone who comes to visit always brings something for the baby but mom doesn’t ever get anything honoring her. I think that the mother should get a special gift when she has a baby. My daughter is a first time mommy and I would love for her to have something like this,

  28. I would really like this for myself

  29. I want to win this for my mother-in-law.

  30. I am excited to win this present for my husband, so he can give it to me!! Thanks!

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  36. I would like to win it for myself.

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