Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions- Serve MamaMancini’s Meatballs on Super Bowl Sunday

Back in 2011 when my middle son Aidan wasn’t even 1 year old I had the opportunity to review MamaMancini’s meatballs. He quickly became their biggest fan. At the time we had just had some serious scares & ended up discovering that he had allergies to things like palm kernel oil, which is in almost all processed foods. Because of our ordeal I changed the way we ate. I started reading labels on everything & I still do. I also cut down heavily on processed foods. My son rarely gets things that are pre-packaged. Guess what? He’s my best eater. He’s 2 years old, 37lbs, off the charts.  Anything you put in front of him he will try at least once.


20110525_136Our Favorite Meatball

Aidan loves these meatballs so much that I entered him in a MamaMancini’s photo contest shortly after the first time we tried them. Our friends & family voted for us & we were able to win a year’s worth! After a year of MamaMancini’s meatballs in Italian sauce Aidan won’t eat any other Italian meatball, ever.

When you grow up knowing fresh & natural ingredients you just don’t crave that other stuff. If you’re an adult you can get there too! It take a little more time to “reset” your palate, but it can happen.



mamamancinisbeefingredientsMamaMancini’s – Naturally Good

No weird ingredients, no strange fillers, no questionable additives Simple, natural ingredients. They couldn’t be good right? Wrong! I have tried every pre-made Italian meatball around & these were the best we ever had. Very authentic. And the sauce? Ooh the sauce is heavenly.  It’s so pure, light & delicious. You can just tell that it’s “homemade”.


These all-natural, preservative free meatballs are filled with goodness and you can have 2 beef meatballs (and Italian sauce) for around 140 calories. Or you can opt for their Turkey meatballs & go oven lower with 2 for only 110 calories plus they’re low in fat. Perfect for a snack when you’re craving something Italian.


Just look at them, they’re making you hungry, aren’t they?



Keep Your Resolutions On Super Bowl Sunday – Serve Mama Mancini’s


Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday has become the second biggest eating holiday of the year (after Thanksgiving)? You don’t have to break your New Year’s resolution if you choose a few healthy menu options for this year’s party.

Heat & Serve

MamaMancini’s meatballs are incredibly easy to make as they come pre-packaged and ready to serve. All you need to do is heat them up! Use them to create unique menu options including:

  • mini meatballs subs (or full size for big appetites)
  • quarter the meatballs on a stick and dip them in the sauce
  • mini meatball pizzas to spoil all your guests.

Meatball Pizza Recipe

Daniel Mancini, owner & founder of MamaMancini’s has a great quick recipe for meatball pizza. This guy knows his stuff so friends & family are sure to love it. You can watch the video below!




About Mama Mancini’s

Founder Daniel Mancini started MamaMancini’s back in 2007 to bring his passion and love for his grandmother Anna’s original meatball recipe to the marketplace allowing families to gather at the dinner table.


MamaMancini’s Meatballs in Italian Sauce now come in:

  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken

You can find MamaMancini’s by consulting their store locator. 


Connect Online:



Twitter @MamaMancinis






Disclosure: I received the above product, but not to write this review. This review comes out of pure love for MamaMancini’s and their delicious, wholesome, & natural meatballs, which my family loves. Make sure to check them out!


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  2. can I order mamamancini meatballs on line??

  3. Unfortunately you no longer can. However you can ask any local store to start carrying them. Whole Foods or any markets like that would be your best bet.

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