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Purex Crystals, a popular fabric softener has added a new product to it’s lineup. Purex Crystals for Baby. It’s been developed with babies’ gentle skin in mind.


Gentle formula, Long-lasting freshness

  • Baby-inspired fragrance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dye free
  • Natural formula (87% natural)
  • Safe for children’s sleepwear


“Like other Purex Crystals, our new product is 87% natural. It goes in at the start of the wash, spending more time with your baby’s laundry and infusing it with freshness that lasts for weeks, not days.  Plus, Purex Crystals for Baby is hypoallergenic, dye free, and safe for use on all clothes, including children’s sleepwear.

Add Purex Crystals for Baby directly with your laundry detergent and take snuggle time to a whole new level of cozy!”


If you’ve never tried Purex Crystals they’re something you have to check out for yourself. I really dislike a lot of scents but there’s just something about the crystals that I love. The crystals for baby are the same. The smell is out of this world. They smell similar to the new Purex Baby laundry detergent but much stronger. It’s not overwhelming in the least bit its actually a very pleasant scent. I found myself opening the bottle time after time to smell it “one more time”. 


There are very few choices on the market when it comes to baby fabric softener. In fact I was always taught NEVER to use fabric softener on babies clothing. However, according to Purex, Crystals for Baby are safe for use on all clothes, including children’s sleepwear. They definitely make babies clothing a lot softer & the scent is exactly how you’d expect a baby to smell. Mmm newborn baby scent. The best scent in the world! I don’t know what it is but it just gives you happy feelings inside. They definitely got it right with this product.


Want to try them for yourself? Scroll down to enter to win a coupon!

More About Purex Crystals for Baby

Purex Crystals for Baby will be at Walmart starting early February. You can find them located in the fabric softener aisle.


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  1. I did not know they made these until today. In conjunction with the laundry baby detergent would smell great.

  2. I have not used any fabric softener on my baby’s clothes but would love to … I believe the clothes needs a softener and not that many out there. Great Job Purex.

  3. I love using Purex crystals and would love to be able to use them on baby clothing!

  4. I have never tried Purex Baby Crystals. I think the concept is great. I hope I am picked to try a free sample. I love knowing when my baby is has the best quality.

  5. I have never tried them, but would love to!

  6. Yes, I currently use the Lavender crystals.

  7. No I have never tried these before.

  8. Kristy Hutchinson

    I have tried purex crystals but never the baby purex.

  9. Samantha Wilkinson

    I have tried purex crystals but never the baby purex.

  10. I haven’t tried this but I’m going to look for it in the store.. I’ve been trying to find a fabric softener for baby’s clothes!

  11. no I haven’t tried them yet

  12. I haven’t tried them yet

  13. i have used regualr but not baby crystals debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  14. I’ve never tried any of them, but I’ve heard how amazing they are!

  15. Never tried Purex before.

  16. I have tried the crystals and absolutely LOVE them!

  17. I haven’t tried this formula yet, but I like Purex Crystals.
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  18. Never tried Purex crystals

  19. I Have tried Purex Crystals

  20. Have you ever tried Purex Crystals?

    yes i have and i loved them

  21. I haven’t tried them, bit would love to!

  22. Yes, we currently use Purex Crystals.

  23. Yes I have tried Purex Crystals and they are great! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  24. No, I haven’t tried Purex Crystals yet.

  25. We haven’t tried it, no.

  26. would love to try this

  27. I’ve tried Purex Crystals, but not for baby.

  28. ive tried them and love them!!

  29. I have not

  30. I have not.

  31. i have not tried the new one yet cant wait too

  32. no I have not tried them yet

  33. No, I’ve never used Purex Crystals before.

  34. yes i love their crystals!

  35. no i have not tried it yet

  36. I’ve tried Purex Crystals and LOVE them!

  37. Not try it yet but would love to try it

  38. Melanie Montgomery

    I haven’t tried the Crystals

  39. ive you the crystals for regular clothes, not baby

  40. No, not yet.
    Thanks for the contest.

  41. I haven’t tried them.

  42. Paula Michele Hafner

    Not yet but I do use the regular Purex baby.

  43. I have tried them!

  44. I’ve never tried them

  45. Yes, it is great!

  46. I have and love it

  47. not yet

  48. I have not tried them, but I’d love to!

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