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Every parent thinks they know their baby well, but are they willing to bet on it? Bet on Your Baby is a new show where parents play fun games with their toddlers, and try to “bet” on what baby will do next! If they guess correctly, the family wins $5,000 in college tuition money, and the chance to play for $50,000!  All of these heartwarming and hilarious games are played in a toy-filled room called the Baby Dome.


Do you think that you could predict what baby will do next?


Bet on Your Baby can be seen Saturdays 8/7c on ABC. Make sure to check it out!


Check out the Bet on Your Baby Blog App

• Would You Survive The Baby Dome? QUIZ –
How well do you know the behavior of babies? How do you think these toddlers will fare playing these games in the Baby Dome? Take the quiz to find out!

• Bet On Your Baby GAME GALLERY –
View the cutest clips of the stars of the show! Visit the Game Gallery to watch the    babies and parents in action, playing awesome games together such as Toy Time, Stack ‘Em, and The Sound of Moo-sic.







Bet on Your Baby has now partnered with Luvs®! Luvs® Super Absorbent diapers give your baby the protection they need at the low price you’re looking for—complete with a money back guarantee. New Luvs® Super Absorbent Jumbo Packs have an everyday low price of $6.97 at Walmart!


Prize: 1 reader will receive a three-coupon pack for a Luvs® Super Absorbent Jumbo Pack


This giveaway ends: Sunday June 09, 2013 11:59pm EST


The prize will be sent via FedEx or UPS. No P.O. Boxes.


How to Enter: 2 Step Process!!

  • Leave a comment directly on the blog comment section telling us your results from the Baby Dome Quiz (found on the above app).


  • Fill out the rafflecopter form – it will load directly below this text. (& don’t forget to claim your extra entries if you’re already a follower)



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Disclosure: ABC supplied all information & materials. This is not a review of above product. Your opinions & experiences may vary.


  1. 29% – not so good

  2. got 29%

  3. I got a 42%.

  4. 57% I love this show!

  5. I got 71 % on the challenge…kinda cheated thought because I saw one of the episodes 😉

  6. 71%- I survived the baby dome

  7. Mary Happymommy

    I scored 29%.

  8. I survived the baby dome and got 71%

  9. I scored 48% on the quiz.

  10. i got a 43%

  11. I scored 43%

  12. I survived the baby dome

  13. I only scored 29% on the quiz

  14. 43%

  15. I scored 86%.

  16. I scored 71%

  17. Aline Grigorian

    It says I got 0%, but I thought I got a few right 🙁

  18. 29%. That sucks! I thought I did better.

  19. I scored 29%

  20. I got 57%

  21. 29% for me thanks for the fun

  22. Blessie Nelson

    got a 42%!

  23. Eh, I scored 32%. Thanks.

  24. christine jessamine

    I got the average 43%

  25. 43%

  26. Chris Alejandro

    ugh.. 48 percent!

  27. I got a 71%


  28. 71%-I passed!

  29. Marisol Barrios

    I scored 29% .. Lol

  30. I scored 43%.

  31. only got 29%

  32. Austin Baroudi

    I got 43%

  33. i got not quite – 43%

  34. 28% oh my!

  35. I scored a 57%

  36. 29% for me
    tcogbill at live dot com

  37. Michelle Tucker

    I got a 57%. Thanks!

  38. I got 43%

  39. 29 percent was my score

  40. 71%

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