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Babies Names: Axel & Blake (twins)

Babies Sex: Male

Due Date: 1/6/2013

Babies Birth Date:   12/6/2012

# of weeks pregnant: 35

Type of Birth:  EmergencyC-Section

Babies Stats: Axel: 4lbs. 14oz. & Blake: 6lbs. 5oz

Parents:  Desirae & Eric-Michael



“In May of 2012, my fiancé and I found out we were pregnant. A few weeks later at my second ultrasound, they brought us the shocking news that we were expecting TWINS!! They determined that they were identical boys. I was put at high risk right away, and when seeing my high risk doctor, he brought us some scary news. I needed to be on bed rest at only 13 weeks, my cervix was thinning, and I had twin-to-twin transfusion. He sent me to a specialist 3 hours away from where I lived to be monitored every week.

Week after week we traveled those long 3 hours. The doctors there said if my condition continued to get worse, the babies would not make it past 25 weeks. That was very hard to hear because my fiancé and I suffered a miscarriage that September in 2011. To make this part short, things started to improve and I no longer had to see my specialist. I was definitely relieved!



Jump ahead 8 months, my step dad drove me to my high risk doctor on Thursday December 6, because I wasn’t allowed to drive anymore. I walked in, sat down and got called in to have my blood pressure taken, and just go over how things were going. The nurse definitely didn’t like my blood pressure result. It was 170/100!! She called the doctor in and he did an ultrasound right away. He then  turned to me and said, “We are having these babies today!” Surprisingly I didn’t freak out or anything. I walked out of the office, looked at my step dad and told him we needed to go to the hospital because the babies were coming! I immediately called my fiancée and my mother to tell them they news. They both left work right away and made their way to the hospital. As I sat in the car, It really wasn’t sinking in that I was going to be having my twins in a few hours.


My step dad and I arrived at the hospital where went up to labor and delivery. The nurses there put me in a room to change into my gown, get me hooked up to all the IV’s and to listen for the twins heartbeats. My fiancé and mother finally got to the hospital along with my aunt, my dad, and my fiancés mom, step dad, and two little brothers. Before I knew it, my OBGYN was ready for my C-section. I wasn’t too nervous about having the C-section because my doctors and I talked about it when I first got pregnant, and basically it was my only option.
The nurses brought me into the O.R. where there had to of been about 7 or 8 people prepping for surgery. The anesthesiologist was ready to give me a spinal, so I held onto the nurse, closed my eyes, and just relaxed and breathed. It was just a small pinch, and before I knew it, I could feel my whole body tingle and then everything from my waist down was completely numb. The doctor went and brought my fiancé into the room, where he sat by me behind the curtain. He held on to me and assured me everything was going to be just fine.
I could hear the doctors telling me what they were doing and that I might feel some pressure. Then I heard, “here’s baby number one”, and 15 seconds later, “and baby number two!” We welcomed our twins that day on December 6, 2012, at 6:36pm. Axel came out first and weighed 4lbs. 14oz. and  was 17 inches long, and Blake was second, weighing 6lbs. 5oz and 19 inches long. My fiancé was balling his eyes out when he saw our precious baby boys. I was overcome with emotion, but wasn’t able to show it. I literally could not cry.
The doctors cleaned the boys off and showed them to me real quick, and the next thing I remember, I was being rolled into the recovery room. My fiancé came into recovery to tell me that one of the babies had to be put on a respirator for the night because of his breathing, and the other baby had to be given sugar water because his sugar was too low. Soon, everyone else stopped in to see how I was doing, and to tell me all about my boys, and how beautiful they were!

A big Thank-you to Desirae for sharing her story with us!


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