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Babies Name:  Brooklynn Noelle

Babies Sex: Female

Due Date: 3/6/2013   

Babies Birth Date: 3/3/2013   

# of weeks pregnant:  39   

Type of Birth: Vaginal 

Babies Stats:   7 lb 5 oz 20 inches    

Parents:  Amber and Isaac    



Around 1 pm on the 2nd of March my back started hurting really bad. I thought it was just regular back pains so I went about my day. Even went out to dinner with my fiancé. We got home around 10pm and my back was still hurting pretty back. Pains were coming 5 min apart but in my back. My fiancé told me we better go to sleep in case we needed to make a trip to the hospital in the middle of the night.


Around 2 am on the 3rd, I couldn’t take it any longer. I woke up Isaac and told him I was going in to get checked. I told him it was probably nothing so just stay home.


I got to the hospital and they checked me. I was 3 cm dilated. They checked me again 20 min or so later and I was almost 4. They determined I was in labor. I called my fiancé and mom and they came up there.


I ended up getting the epidural around 9 am. They only gave me a little dose of Pitocin. I was going pretty good on my own. The epidural made me sick. I vomited quite a few times.


Around 4 or so I was 10 cm and was time to push. I had heartburn so bad, I had to take a drink of water after every push to keep me from throwing up. I still threw up once while I was pushing. I pushed for 3 hours and my beautiful daughter was born at 6:54 pm. As they laid her on me, I was in complete awe.


A big Thank-you to Amber for sharing her story with us!


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