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Birth Story


Babies Name: Gianni Lee
Babies Sex: Male

Due Date: 7/17/2013   

Babies Birth Date: 7/15/2013   

# of weeks pregnant: 39 weeks 5days   
Type of Birth: Emergency C-Sec
Babies Stats: 9lbs 12oz

Parents: Anthony & Jordan

Special Circumstances: Hemorrhage, Emergency C-Section



“Okay, my name is Jordan. I am 19 years old and this is my first birth story.


GianniSo it all started late night around 10pm on July 14th. I was so scared to go to bed because I just knew my water was gonna break.  Our friend who we haven’t seen in a long time decided to make a trip to see us that evening and wound up arriving close to 11pm. I had been having painless Braxton hicks for almost a week and was getting pretty annoyed. My fiancé, our friend and I stayed up well into the early hours of the morning talking and catching up. My fiancé and I were laying in our bed with our friend on the floor when one of my contractions came and stiffened my belly so much. At 430 am my fiancé tried to rub my belly to make it feel better. But little did we know, my water was gonna pop as soon as he started to rub. I stood up, had a horrible pain in my belly and felt my water gush. I went to the bathroom and was still in shock. I totally forgot about my bloody show and it just scared me so much.


My fiancé and I started on our way to the hospital. I started having horrible contractions on the way there and I could just feel my water breaking even more.


GianniSo we got to the hospital at 5am and was admitted and started on Pitocin. As soon as my contractions got too much to handle I got my epidural. It kept wearing off so they had to give me bolices. I was periodically getting checked and at 4pm I was 7cm. They kept checking me every two hours until 9 o’clock and I wasn’t progressing. At 10 o’clock they decided I needed an emergency c section. I was taken in to the OR and at 10:43 our handsome son Gianni Lee was born.


As they were stitching me up, they realized I was still bleeding and it wouldn’t stop. I was hemorrhaging. My fiancé was with me and he started to freak out because this was definitely not normal. We took a picture with our son as they were operating. As much as they tried they couldn’t stop the bleeding, so they had to fold my uterus in half, put a balloon inside and stitch around it. Finally that stopped it. I didn’t get out of the OR until 1 something in the morning. I was in the ICU for two days and was taken up to a regular room where I would be staying for four more.


I did not have the delivery planned this way, but this is just the way that it was meant to be. I cried the moment I saw my son. He was everything I wanted him to be. “



A big Thank-you to Jordan for sharing her story with us!


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