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Babies Name:  Jackson 

Babies Sex:  Male

Due Date: 7/16/2013   

Babies Birth Date: 7/16/2013   

# of weeks pregnant:  40   

Type of Birth: Emergency C Section   

Babies Stats:  7lbs 10oz 19 3/4″

Parents: Megan and Corey H.





My husband and I woke up on July 16th to head to my 40 week appointment. We just knew that he wasn’t coming today, and my doctor wouldn’t induce. I was sure I would have to waddle around miserable in the South Georgia heat for at least another week. We didn’t bring a car seat or hospital bag because I just knew we would be going home!  Well as all expecting moms know at every appointment you have to pee in a cup, and get your blood pressure checked. I had protein in my urine and my blood pressure was elevated. Needless to say my doctor said lets induce (my husband and I are convinced if we would have brought the carseat and bag my bp would have been perfect).


So off we go to be admitted into labor and delivery. They started me on cervadil to cause me to dilate. That began at 10 am. I was checked at 2pm and the cervadil had started working! I dilated to 2cm and was on my way to having my very first baby. I was nervous, anxious, excited, and scared. Shortly after the 2pm check my contractions started. They were mild at first, but then they started coming every two minutes. The pain was very intense. While I was pregnant, I was worried that I wouldn’t know if I was having a contraction. Trust me ladies you will know! And Braxton hicks doesn’t even compare.


JacksonAround 6pm I had dilated to 5-6 cm. I immediately asked for my epidural. My experience with the epidural was amazing. No pain with it going in, and no side effects after. It worked beautifully. Around 8:15 pm the nurses came in because they were concerned with Jackson’s hear rate. His heart rate would drop after contractions. It is called late decels (decelerations). He was not tolerating the intensity and frequency of the contractions. They tried everything from repositioning me to giving him some time to see if he would work through it. Those did not work. My doctor told me when she first felt concerned that a c section would be her last result. She came in in her scrubs and handed my husband the daddy scrubs and said “I’m not comfortable waiting anymore. I need to get Jackson out now.” I was devastated. I spent the last 40 weeks of my life dreaming of pushing out my baby and having him placed on my chest. God had a different plan.


I was rushed into the OR and Jackson was out in 5 minutes! I heard his first cry. It was the most amazing sound I had ever heard. Then I looked up and saw the most beautiful face ever. He was perfect. He got cleaned up and my husband held him so that I could kiss him and look at him. He looked right back at me. It was the most amazing moment of my life.


JacksonThey took Jackson to the nursery and his daddy went with him. They brought him to me in recovery and I breast fed him and we did skin to skin. My little family was complete. My husband, myself, and Jackson were in recovery for an hour. It was the best hour ever, because we were together and getting to experience that moment together. It was just ours. I am so appreciative of that time.


Jackson Grant came into my life at 8:54 pm on July 16, 2013. I had an uneventful pregnancy. It was textbook. I had a slightly more eventful delivery, but no matter how he got here he is the best thing in my life and the most amazing thing I have ever done!   


A big Thank-you to Megan for sharing her story with us!

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