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Babies Name: Shanaata

Babies Sex: Female 

Due Date: 5/23/2013   

Babies Birth Date: 5/24/2013     

# of weeks pregnant: 40

Type of Birth:  Emergency c-sec   

Babies Stats: 8lbs 3oz & 21 inches   

Parents:  Rosy and Harpreet 

Country: Canada 


  We went to the hospital on 22nd of May for a routine check up. Dr checked me & my heart rate had been very high from 23 weeks of pregnancy. Dr  advised us we should go for induction because this is not good for baby. I was so nervous at that time because we were not ready for anything but we decided to go for it. Around 3:00 pm they induced me. I was hospitalized till 7 pm then they sent me back home. and they told me when the contractions start or anything happens come to the hospital. 


All night I didn’t sleep…..morning 6 am my contractions started …we head to the hospital…they introduced me to the Dr on duty. She checked me & I was dilated only 2 cm. Then around 7 am my water bag broke, but still we are waiting for the labor…nothing happens. They checked me  every 2 to 3 hours but cervix not dilated much…..then they gave me an epidural….after that oxytocin.. but dose of epidural was little high so I was numb all the way up to my chest.


At this time the Doctors were worried & they all came and were standing near me…. Then they just stop the epidural and oxytocin because I was getting the contractions for 15 minutes in a row, which is not good for baby.


After this my Doctor came to me and they decided for the emergency c sec …..I was not ready for that. I was crying if anything happen to me then who will take care of my baby… but I couldn’t do anything about it.


We decided on the c section.  They took me to surgery room at 7:00am on 24 may.  And at 7:32 am my beautiful baby girl came in this world……healthy 8 pounds, 3 oz. & 21 inches long …. With lots of hair…today she us almost 5 months.  I’m so happy to have a baby girl.


A big Thank-you to Rosy for sharing her story with us!


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