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Babies Name: Arianne Elizabeth   

Babies Sex:   Female 

Due Date: 5/12/2013   

Babies Birth Date: 2/3/2013   

# of weeks pregnant:  26   

Type of Birth:  C-sec   

Babies Stats: 2lb 1/2 oz 13inches   

Parents: Krystal and Tuff



“Day 1 of Labor- I was 24 weeks and 6 days pregnant the day of my housewarming party, My sister made deviled eggs for the first time and brought them along, a few people had complained of their belly hurting as well so when mine started to hurt I just thought it was the eggs causing gas pains and brushed it off for the night and went to bed.

Day 2-The next morning I woke up felt the baby move, realized my stomach still hurt went to the bathroom and noticed I was bleeding ( I had many cases of bleeding with this pregnancy so I was used to it by now). I went ahead and called my ob/gyn office the doctor on call told me to come in IMMEDIATLY. I told him she moving so I know she’s okay, he didn’t care he said he will contact labor and delivery to have my room ready when I get there. I call in to work to let them know I might be having Braxton Hicks contractions then would go to work as soon as am released.

My mother brought me to the hospital I get my room gown up, pee in the cup, get monitors they watch me for about hour my fiancé and our 2 friends he carpooled with to college with show up then my sister, and my Dr. right behind her. My Dr. kicks our friends out then checks me… I seen it in her face, she was worried. she looks at me, says ” you’re dilated to 3 this is not good, we a have to make life flight arrangements NOW. We had about 10 minutes to figure out what hospital we wanted to be flown to. We picked St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Ok. then panic set in I seen my doctor with my sisters pregnancies, this woman was tough as steel, she was worried and I’d never seen this before, it scared me. they started pumping the maximum amount of Magnesium at full flow into my veins, then leaned my bed back to where my head was way lower than my feet about 40 minutes later Life flight showed up.


I was flown from fort smith Ar, to Tulsa Ok I didn’t have any family with me luckily my mom was on it with phone calls, she called my grandfather who was with my Cousin headed back from a trip to OKC and they arrived at the hospital right about the same time I did, and I had someone with me. the Nurses at St. Francis watched me like a hawk, I got a steroid shot for lung development my mom, fiancé, and our friends show up like 4 hours later I get checked again and I’m at a 4. the Dr. comes in and tells me if I get to 5 they have no choice but to take her by C-section since she is breech, the umbilical cord could slip and “”pinch off”” I hadn’t ate in 24 hours I’m hungry, loaded with magnesium, and “”upside down”” , needless to say I’m cranky, begging for food-I get ice chips WTF! the doctor decide they don’t want to check me unless they have to. finally I go to bed for the night




Day 3 of labor- I finally decide I need something with taste- nurses and I negotiate and I get gum! yay! I never thought I’d be so grateful for a 2 calorie stick of stale hospital vending machine gum in my life! it felt like a Steak fest at that point. I get another shot of steroids, and have light contractions here and there but don’t say a word about it my goal is to keep that baby in me for 24 hours until the steroids give her the best chance of survival.


Day 4- Great Day the steroids should have her lungs at the best they can be so if I deliver today her chances are far better than 2 days ago, Also I get Food, well Jell-O but its way better than gum, or so I thought at first it was disgusting.. so my mom and fiancé go buy me the good stuff and some pudding in case the nurse okays it. I ate it like a champ. by this point I know most regular nurses so they informed me that they have a board up of patents and I’m the talk of the L&D and they are all setting individual goals of what hour I’m gonna deliver and I have past all of them. the doctor said since I past all expectations of delivering they can’t let me starve so I got to eat soup to make sure I don’t get sick


Day 5- I am still on very strict “”upside down”” no getting up bed rest orders and haven’t taken a shower my fiancé has been trying to feed me since I cant sit up I have all kinds of food stuck in my hair. I finally talk the dr. into writing and order for a shower. Thank you God! I smelt like a garbage disposal with a skunk in it.. it was bad! the nurses start lowering the bed and raising my head I’m already getting dizzy and I’m not even sitting up yet, I was so weak I could hardly sit up trying to stand was impossible. My fiancé had to pick me up naked and carry me to the bathroom I sat on the shower chair using the hand rail to hold me up so I don’t tumble in the floor while he have me a shower and washed my hair. I felt so helpless. my 10 minutes was up and I had to get back in bed and I was worn out.



Many of my family members had come and gone through this process, trying to make me feel better, and I appreciated all of them.


Night 7- contractions where starting to become a regular thing and I didn’t want anyone to know because in my mind every minute she was in me she had a higher chance of survival I got a regular wheel in ultrasound just to check on her lungs and we also found out that the cyst on her brain was gone, one less worry.


Night 8-i basically slept this whole day until I heard my fiancé and mom talking about one of them leaving to get them more clothes and I had to beg them not to leave cause I knew it was getting close.. I woke up at 10 and ate some ramen noodles and had a pretty big contraction and my mom saw my make a face and saw it on the monitor and told the nurse who checked me and felt a foot but apparently scared her and she pulled her foot back up by the time the Dr. came in to check me and said I’m at a 5 its time for a C-section. We woke up my fiancé while trying to call people I was in the O.R. at 12:00 am I’m officially 26 weeks pregnant and her chances of survival went from 50% to 70% and now its time for her to make her arrival, my Fiancé came in wearing his paper suit gave my a kiss and Said “you can do this, Mommy”& he held my hand and tried to distract me from them laying whatever organ on my stomach that felt like warm spaghetti then they yelled “got her” and 3 people yelled out in unison at 12:53 am when my 2 pound 1/2 ounce 13 inch baby girl Arianne Elizabeth came into the world 14 weeks early on February 3rd 2013.


I didn’t get to see her for 24 hour because of my meds but family and friends that showed up in the middle of the night sent me pictures of her. it was not a joyful day of celebration for me it was scary and traumatic and the end of me being what kept her safe. everything after that was her fight and all I could do was look at  her hooked up to wires, tubes, ventilators and machines and feel even more helpless then I ever have and probably ever will. she fought hard and long and got better we got released from the hospital on April 12, 2013 she is every definition of a miracle baby and I’m so proud of her, that was the day we celebrated, that was when we became a family.”







A big Thank-you to Krystal for sharing her story with us!


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  1. Thanks for sharing you story. I am very moved by your story. I am 17 weeks ftm. I am so so happy for you and so glad that you made it. Lots of blessings from my side to you and your little angel. Kudos to you for showing so much courage.

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