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Babies Name: Nicholas (Nico)  

Babies Sex:   Male   

Due Date: 8/1/2013   

Babies Birth Date: 7/17/2013   

# of weeks pregnant:  37w 6d   

Type of Birth: C-sec.  

Babies Stats: 6pds 4oz   

Parents:  Patricia B. & Michael E.   




“Let me start by saying I worked all nine months I was pregnant not only that I walked to work a lot as well as 3 flights of stairs to get to my apt. I’m pretty sure my contractions began at work in fact but was unsure. At the time I didn’t know if I was having contractions or not because if I had any pain I would usually would chalk it up to me being a cry baby because I had to walk to work.


When the really bad pain came that stopped me in my tracks and made me feel like my back was being attacked from inside is when I really started thinking it could be contractions. I immediately got on Facebook, called my sister, and my friend Katie and asked how I would know if I was having them or not. They went away that night so I went ahead and went to work the next day even though they had came back. I was having an ultra sound done that day and was leaving early anyways. I’ll tell you one thing I did a great job putting on a smile with how much pain I was really in when one would sneak up at me when I was at a customer’s table.


I went to my ultrasound where the pain continued there. My dad and step-mom went with me and my step-mom asked the tech if she could tell me if I was contracting and very rudely said she wasn’t a dr. so I went home still not really sure.


That night the pain didn’t go away I cried and tried to fall asleep but couldn’t get comfortable. My boyfriend had to be up at 3am to go to work so I figured I would let him sleep until then because he works a lot, but when he got up and he asked me to wait til he got home at 2. He didn’t know the severity of the situation obviously. So he left for work, about 7:30 I couldn’t take it anymore and called an ambulance. The ambulance found me about 30 mins later after I pretty much crawled to my door and told them where I was (the dispatcher failed to get an apt #). They got me in the back and of course this being Orlando we got stuck in morning traffic even with the lights on so we got to the hospital probably at 8:20 or a tiny bit earlier but they got me in the room and they told me I was 5 centimeters complete with a bulging bag (I have no idea what that means still). They immediately had an Ult. Tech to come in and see how the baby was sitting. But when I had the Ultrasound the day before he was breach facing towards my left side. My uterus was too small for him to turn and wasn’t able to get out of the breach position.


A few mins later they asked me what I had eaten since midnight and said just a few sips of mountain dew. “They said okay well your going to have a c-section”. I said right now? They said yes. I started freaking out. I wanted a natural birth but of course. About 8:55 I had a good amount of drugs in my system and  didn’t feel any pain anymore and was quite loopy. I immediately started calling Michael and told him we were having the baby. It was kind of funny because he said really? Like it was April fool’s or something. I said yes Michael now! The hospital from his job is 30 mins away and I didn’t have time to wait  I stalled them as long as I could but then they finally took me to the room where they started prepping me and right before they are about to start I ask them where Michael is and all I heard in a really nervous, loving voice was “I’m right here baby.” I was so scared I was going to have my baby by myself.


3 to 5 mins after they pulled a tiny gorgeous little boy named Nicholas out of my huge belly. When they first put him over with all that nasty stuff I started to say he was adorable and stopped in the middle and said “actually your pretty ugly” after they cleaned him up and put him on my chest I melted inside. I knew I would love him and was even more then I anticipated. Now my son is almost 4 months old and is a little butterball that my heart fills with intense joy and love that makes me tear up every time he smiles at me. He is my life. And that is my birth story.”   







A big Thank-you to Patricia for sharing her story with us!


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