$35 Worth of Secret Clinical Strength Products for Only $4.99






Thought you guys would love this offer since I know some of you will deal with perspiration issues while pregnant and shortly after having baby when your hormones are going wild.  I’ve used Secret Clinical Strength many times and it works & smells great, but it’s very pricey. Around $10 or $11 for 1 stick. Another reason this deal is pretty sweet.

You will pay $4.99 shipping for

  • 1 clinical strength invisible solid OR new clear gel
  • 1 coupon for a 2nd stick when it becomes available in stores
  • $16 worth of P & G Coupons
  • Free sample Olay Fresh Effects

$35 worth of free Secret Clinical Strength products.


Limit one per household! Ends 12/31! You’ll need a credit card to order.


Click here to try a FREE sample today!


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