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Parents Magazine September 2014INSIDE THE SEPTEMBER 2014 ISSUE OF PARENTS

Ready, Set, School!


“Raise an Eager Reader, Easy Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat, How to Thrive in a Food Allergy World, The Coolest Back-to-School Gear, Yoga for Youngsters, Getting Grandparents Involved…and more!


It’s time to hop on the back-to-school bus. Parents magazine has everything you and your little ones need to head into the new year with their best foot forward. Whip up healthy lunches your kids are guaranteed to love, shop our best backpack and lunch box picks, and make reading an important part of your child’s everyday life – inside and outside of the classroom.


Get Ready to Read (pg. 50) – Want your kids to fall in love with books? We’ve got strategies to get them hooked for life. Ease into your morning routine with a wake-up story instead of waiting until bedtime. Touch text as you read aloud to show toddlers that symbols have meaning. Teach your child how to check out books at the library, frame pages to create meaningful décor and have your kids create storybooks of their own. We’ve got 24 ideas and 6 apps for your book worm in the making.


Pack It Up, Pack It In (pg. 42) – Start off the school year in style with the coolest gear for your little student. From a messenger bag with wings to re-usable sipper cups and crust-free sandwich shapers, we’ve scouted out the back-to-school essentials you’ll need to kick off the semester right.


Simplify School Lunch (pg. 130) – Put that PB&J on stand-by. A short grocery list of healthy ingredients is all you need to create dozens of lunches your kids will love. Fresh fruits and veggies, sandwich or pita bread, chicken, yogurt and pasta can be mixed and matched for some seriously delicious meals. Try wrapping up an Italian pasta salad, a turkey and cheese quesadilla or roasted-tomato soup for her next meal. Snack with nutty yogurt dip, an apple raisin “sandwich” or white bean dip with pita crackers. Need to play the lunch money card? Parents has tips for guiding your child to making smart cafeteria choices in a pinch.


The New Food Rules (pg. 86) – Nut-free schools. Treat-less birthday bashes. Restaurant menus with asterisks. With 1 in 13 kids affected by a food allergy today, the way we feed kids looks a lot different now than it did a few years ago. Whether you’re an expecting parent, have a child who’s been diagnosed, or know a kid with a food allergy – these facts and tips for avoiding and recognizing dangerous reactions will help everyone thrive in an increasing allergic world.


To Circumcise…or Not? (Page 94) – Circumcision has never been as controversial as it is today. Eighteen states have cut Medicaid coverage for the procedure, while bans have been proposed in both San Francisco and Santa Monica. While newborn circumcision rates have declined from 65% in 1981 to 58% of all boys born in American hospitals today, there’s a case both for and against the procedure. Here, Parents reveals what doctors want you to know before making a decision.


The Power of Yoga (pg. 101) – Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but the focus on children continues to grow. As it turns out, yoga may not only help kids relax, but pediatricians say the ancient practice may also be a helpful treatment for asthma, autism, and more. Parents takes a look at the research and success stories behind the practice of yoga, and gives a few tricks that will keep kids cool, calm and relaxed. Om!


Lead Astray (pg. 206) – It’s a danger that’s overlooked by parents and pediatricians alike, but lead is continuing to silently poison our children. Roughly 2.6% of children ages 1-5 have a blood level of concern – which can lead to higher rates of dyslexia and other learning disabilities, as well as increased school dropout rates and a higher likelihood of committing crimes in teen years. Once a child has been exposed, there’s no treatment or medical solution to reverse the effects. Here’s what you can do to make sure your children aren’t at risk.


Not-So-Grandparents (pg. 180) – If your mom and dad aren’t involved in your kid’s life as much as you’d like them to be, it’s time to face what you can (and can’t) change about it. Be understanding of their schedules and social lives, don’t treat them as part of the babysitters club, and initiate a discussion during a calm moment without accusing or attacking your parents. Get creative with new, low-key ways to get them involved in your child’s life, and don’t be upset if the rosy scene you once envisioned isn’t always how things play out in real life. “

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