Target Diaper Deal Alert–As Little as $23.98 for 2 Giant Boxes of Huggies or Pampers (Up to 320 Diapers). Ends 8/2/14







*Stop. Before you check out this deal*  You CAN do this deal without being a new Ebates user, it’s still a GREAT deal, but it’s even better if you’re a new signup.


If you’ve never used Ebates before (new signup or already signed up in the last 90 days but haven’t made a purchase worth $25 yet) you can get 2 giant boxes of Pampers or Huggies, a $10 dollar gift card through Ebates, and $20 gift card through Target all for as little as $23.98 in the end. You’ll need to order your diapers online & pickup in store.  (You’ll have to wait a couple weeks for your ebates gift card but you’ll receive the Target gift card in your email or by text AFTER you have paid & picked up your diapers in store).  This would be an awesome present for a new mom’s baby shower! or for you to stock up!



Best Case Scenario:

320 diapers as little as .07 cents per diaper – $23.98 for 2 giant boxes.


(This is BEFORE sales tax which adds a negligible amount, around 1 cent per diaper depending where you live).





Worst? Case Scenario (Still an AWESOME Deal):

152 diapers at .19 cents per diaper. $29.98 for 2 giant boxes. Essentially a box for free!


(This is BEFORE sales tax which adds a negligible amount, around 1 cent per diaper depending where you live).



How to Get This Deal


Step One:

*New Ebates users only or those that have signed up within the last 90 days but have never made a purchase* 


  • Sign up with Ebates here, choose your $10 gift card (if you haven’t already), search “Target”, click through any of the Ebates Target links to get to the Target website.


(When you sign up for Ebates  and make a $25 purchase within the first 90 days, you qualify for a $10 welcome gift card! Your welcome gift card will arrive by mail in around 2-3 weeks. Once your credit on Ebates is deemed legit then you can wait to get a check (each quarter of the year) or use paypal to remove your savings.)



Step Two:

  • Pick 2 boxes of one of the following types of diapers on the Target website (see links below) and choose your size (You will get a $20 gift card. It will show up in your cart. It will be emailed or texted AFTER you pay & pickup in-store.)
  • Select Find In Store, put in your zip code, & select a store near you where you can easily pick up your boxes. (You will receive $10 off in cart for choosing to pick up in store)
  • Double Check- Make sure you’re buying 2 boxes & the right size.
  • Checkout. (Sometimes the site is a little finicky & it doesn’t add to your cart or checkout doesn’t pop up – just try again) 


Choose from the Following Types of Diapers:



Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Giant Pack (Size 1-5) $32.49


Pampers Cruisers Diapers Giant Pack (Size 3-6) $34.99


Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Giant Pack (Size 2-6)  $31.99


HUGGIES® Snug & Dry Baby Diapers – Giant Pack (Size 3-6) $34.49 – $34.99


Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers Giant Pack (Size 1-2) $34.99


HUGGIES® Little Movers Diapers Giant Pack (Size 3-6) $34.99



Step Three

  • Pick up your diapers In-Store


Fine Print

Not everyone will be able to pick up in a local store (All depends on if they’re stocked or not). You have 4 days to pick up your items but purchases must be made by August 2, 2014 11:59 PST. Read the fine print at the Target links below.

$10 Off ‘ Ship to Store’ Promotion Details

$20 Gift Card Promotion Details


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