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2 years ago shortly after I had my third child I realized that there was no way I was going to get around town and do all the things I needed to do unless I had a double stroller. At the time I had a 4 year old, 2 year old and a newborn, a bad back & other medical problems due to a rough pregnancy. I scoffed at the thought of my husband bringing home another flimsy, plastic, big-box store stroller that you couldn’t clean properly, couldn’t fit easily through a door, and was probably only going to last a year due to my children being so large. After many months of polling other moms, searching online & offline I found what I wanted; A Baby Jogger City Mini GT double stroller. It was pricey, I won’t deny that, but it has been the best investment I ever made as far as parenting products go. In my 6 years of being a mother I have gotten more use out of that stroller than anything else I own.  Thus began my love for Baby Jogger strollers.



This year my oldest son started 1st grade & my middle son is starting Pre-K in just a few weeks!  Although I love our City Mini GT Double stroller I am not going to stroll the boy through the hallways of his new school at almost age 4! Oh no, he’s big enough to walk everywhere now.


Making the Switch from Double to Single Stroller

I contemplated what to do because I just wasn’t feeling our single stroller anymore. When I hooked up with Pishposhbaby.com for a chance to check out the Baby Jogger City Versa stroller I was ecstatic because I knew it was going to be a great stroller and it would be perfect for my 3rd child, Silje, who is now 2 years old herself. I still walk my oldest to school and it’s more than 2 miles each day. My daughter simply can’t walk that far yet.


We’ve been using the 2013 City Versa for a couple of weeks now and we love it. I’m not going to lie, I’m still very fond of the City Mini GT strollers but the Versa is just as awesome. Before you read any further let’s get something straight. Although Baby Jogger does make jogging strollers, the City Versa is not intended for jogging.  Let me tell you a little about it but you enter to win your very own!



It literally took me about 5 minutes to put the City Versa together out of the box with no help (I can’t stand to put products together). The instructions are very clear & concise.


Seat Features

Immediately I noticed that the seat of the Versa can be removed so that baby can face towards you, or away from you! It’s so easy to remove the seat. Just a simple click of 2 buttons on the sides.  The seat can also recline or sit up.


As well as being able to reverse the seat you have the ability to lengthen or shorten the foot well. The little bar you see at the bottom of the seat where your child’s feet sit. Although Silje just turned 2 she was born almost 12lbs and she is currently 38lbs and in size 3-4 clothing. She was very comfortable with the foot well in the shorter position but I went ahead and pulled it down anyway. It was so simple, it simply slides down.


You can see Silje here on the left.  On the right is my 6 year old son Vincent who is in the 95th percentile for height.  He can easily put his feet up on the foot well and ride comfortably believe it or not. He weighs 48lbs and the City Versa amazingly holds up to 50lbs! So this gives you an idea of how long you can use this stroller if you really want/need to.


silje_versa Vincent_versa



The city versa has a canopy with  UV 50+ along with two “peek-a-boo” windows that secure with magnets, not velcro! so you can quietly check on your child without the fear of waking them. It can also be adjusted to multiple positions and the canopy itself is of high quality fabric, it’s not flimsy at all.

Handlebar & Brake


The handlebar is adjustable so it can accommodate people of different heights.  Here you will see my children’s father who is 6ft. 3. He’s using the stroller handlebar in it’s original position with no problem. (Sorry not the greatest of photos as they were all racing each other home from school.)  He has no problem pushing this stroller. In the past our other strollers have had handles so low that he’d have to slouch in order to push it and there was no adjusting them, you get what you get, which is no fun at all and can cause quite the back ache.


The brake for the stroller is located right near the edge of the handlebar & you simply pull it up or down. Believe it or not it took me 1 year to locate the break on my double because I was so used to only having brakes on the wheels of my old strollers (and I don’t like to read instructions).  This brake it much easier to deal with!



The wheels on Baby Jogger strollers, I have to tell you, are a lot better than your average stroller. Although the City Versa does not have the more rugged set of wheels I’ve noticed they still work better than our strollers we had in the past. You can set the 8” lightweight front wheels to swivel or lock for long distance strolling. It even has all-wheel suspension. 


No matter which way you have the seat facing the folding and storage of the City Versa is very easy. You can even do it one-handed after a little practice.  It folds down very nicely & can fit in the trunk of a small car with no problem.





The great thing about Baby Jogger strollers is that they are really made to be flexible to your needs. Because the City Versa seat is removable you can install a pram right onto it for even the littlest of newborns, or install your car seat if you like. When baby get’s older and starts using the regular seat you may want to install a belly bar if that’s what you’re used to. We choose not to and the kids have done just fine. There’s also a parent console (to store your things) if you want to add that on, foot muffs, weather shields! Or even heavier duty wheels. Your options are not limited.


The Verdict

After 6 long years of reviewing baby and parenting products there are only a few brands that I stick by no matter what. Baby Jogger is one of those. Their strollers are really top of the line. They’re solid construction, made with steel, heavy duty plastics that are not flimsy in any way what-so-ever, and their fabrics are superior to other strollers out on the market. They’re easy to clean, they’re durable, and they’re stylish as well. I absolutely adore Baby Jogger strollers, and the City Versa goes on the list of products that I will continue to recommend to new moms on a regular basis.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the Baby Jogger City Versa along with many of it’s add-on’s at http://www.pishposhbaby.com for only $229.


About PishPoshBaby.com

Pishposhbaby is run by moms just like you that once dreamed of creating a high-quality store that supplies the facts and advice, along with the right choice, to parents who are completely lost in the whirlwind of baby gear.  They offer tons of top of the line baby gear that you’re going to love. Their “mom reps” always have your best interest in mind and will help you through the entire process. They offer professional service, immediate shipping, up-to-date inventory. Check them out:




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Prize: 1 winner will receive a 2013 Baby Jogger City Versa in Black, Red, or Silver (Winner’s choice) 


Rules: 18+, US ONLY, You must leave a blog comment AND fill out the rafflecopter form. (Your email is not visible to anyone but me).  Giveaway ends September 30, 11:59pm EST. Winner will be chosen sometime shortly after that. We will email you & announce your first name, last initial on FB & twitter. Winner has 48 hours to respond to winning email once they receive it. (If you sign into the form with Facebook please remember that you will need to check the email associate with FB as that is where I will be emailing you.  Instructions below.


Special Note: Make sure to check Facebook each day as there will be a “Bonus” code published daily worth 2 extra entries. You must come back & enter it in the rafflecopter form. codes expire after 24 hours.




2 Steps!

Tell me in a comment directly on this blog:


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Good Luck!




Disclosure: I received the above product to facilitate this review. All opinions and experiences are my own. Yours may vary. Pishposhbaby.com responsible for prize fulfillment.  



  1. I would like to win a jog stroller so I can get back to running. I want to do color run followed by getting back into shape so I can get back to doing triathlon again. Miss it! But it’s hard to get back to working out because I have little one and stroller I have is more for walks instead of running, but I don’t trust a single big wheel in front stroller (consumer reports deemed unsafe). So 4 wheel running stroller would be great for us. Also it looks smaller then stroller we have this fit better in my car.

  2. I would love to get this for my cousin who just recently had a baby. She would absolutely love this

  3. I would love to win this because my stroller from my older son is big, cumbersome, and has see better days! My mom will also be using it a lot and this would be much easier for her to manage, though we aren’t able to purchase a new one. I’ve searched for used ones, but no luck. This stroller looks fantastic! (I saw a review of it on a blog and have wanted one ever since!)

  4. It’s a beautiful stroller. First time mom living with another baby in the home as well. We could both use it 🙂

  5. 1. Why you’d like to win this stroller

    think me sister needs one soon..thanks

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  7. is a great stroller

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  9. My husband is a runner. Hoping this will get him and the little one out of the house for his long runs every few days to burn a little energy and get fresh air.

  10. I would love to win this stroller so I can start leading a more active lifestyle with my 16-month old son. We already walk but my stroller is very large and hard to manage walking with my dog and pushing our huge stroller. Id love to start jogging and I think this stroller would be perfect for us! I’ve wanted to register for a 5K and actually RUN it, and this stroller would definitely come in handy! Thank you and congratulations to whomever wins!!

  11. I would like to use this for our morning jogs. The one I have doesn’t work well during speed walks/jogs.

  12. We are always on the go…and as much as our toddler LOVES to walk, sometimes she just can’t keep up. Unfortunately, she’s rather tall and there aren’t many strollers that can accomodate her height…other than Baby Jogger brand. It would be amazing to have a stroller, that’s canopy doesn’t rub the top of her head…plus, quality so that we can pass it down!!!

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    I’d really love to win this for our walks around the neighborhood

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  17. I would love to win this stroller!! I am currently pregnant with my fourth child and I have no stroller at all yet! My oldest is six years old. We live close enough to the school for no buses but far away where I can’t let him walk alone to and from school just yet. My four year old, 2 year old, and soon to be newborn coming February will be walking him to and from school everyday! It would mean the world to me and my husband if you could win this amazing stroller:)

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  24. I am a first time mom as well as a fitness mom and I’ve tried several joggers and haven’t been able to find one that meet my needs. I love the fact that this stroller is quick to assemble, it folds up to a decent size, the style, how easy it is to use the breaks, and the two options of which way to face your child. I think this stroller will make my runs more enjoyable and my child will be more comfortable in it.

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  50. I have two girls, one is 6 months the other is 2. I have been trying to lose my baby weight. I work full time and after I pick my girls up I don’t want to spend a second without them. I have a back pack for the little one and a wagon for the big one, but that can get physically draining since the big one always wants to climb out and I end up playing chase while I have one on the back as well. One thing that I want my girls to grow up with is self confidence. I have promised myself I would never talk poorly about my self-image, I want them to be comfortable in their own skin. I want to set a good example of Healthy and Confident and teach them that they do not need to fit into a cookie cutter magazine cover to be beautiful. I would love this stroller so I can start jogging with them at an early age and I can start teaching them this lesson by living it while they are young.

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