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Welcome to the 2nd annual Halloween Photo Contest. Please read ALL of the following as the rules have been updated since last year to help ensure our contest runs smoothly.  Please make sure to follow the rules so that this goes easy for everyone. 


I despise popularity contests. All kids are beautiful in my eyes no matter how many friends & family they have to vote for them. So my contest is a little bit different. All winners are chosen randomly!! This is mostly for the fun of getting to see all our kids in their costumes and not just prizes (although those are nice too, who can deny it!). Here’s all the info you need to know.


Who Can Enter?

  • Everyone. Worldwide.
  • For Fans of on Facebook  (Don’t be a stranger join us)
  • Anyone with a child, grandchild, or a baby bump (bump must be very visible) Your Halloween photo must include your child or grandchild ages 0-18. We want to see those older kids too!!  Children must be in costumes or fall themed settings such as a cider mill, playing in the leaves, or if you live where Halloween is not celebrated a pic of baby holding up a Happy Halloween sign or something festive!


A Few Rules

  • 1 PHOTO PER FAMILY ONLY (If you have more than one child please make a collage).  Also please do not send multiple photos & ask us to choose. Send your favorite ONE! Thanks.
  • Once your photo has been submitted you cannot submit a different photo later on. Choose wisely.
  • Please interact with the contest & like & comment on your fellow moms pics. It makes everyone feel good and it’s more fun that way. 
  • I reserve the right to change or update the rules if need be.
  • This giveaway & prizes are coming directly from me unless otherwise stated. Please have fun with it & be respectful.
  • Winners are chosen by
  • Anyone leaving disparaging comments will be banned from the page entirely. If you see anything like this please report it to me. (Sorry I have to say this but you just never know!)
  • We will not be accepting any photos through the Facebook page or the Facebook inbox! Don’t worry we will make sure everyone’s photos are up before the contest ends. We will extend the contest if we absolutely have to.


Are you Ready?



Step 1. Submit Your Photo

Submit your photo by email ONLY ONE TIME to  No longer accepting entries! Thanks

with the subject: Halloween Photo. You MUST Include the following:

  • Child’s FIRST NAME ONLY (for safety reasons)
  • Age
  • A short message. Ie: This is me with my mommy on my 1st Halloween dressed as a little witch.



Please double check and make sure your photos are attached to your email before sending!! If you accidently hit enter & send without pics I’ll understand but please no sending your picture once a day every day (We actually had ppl do that last year).


We will email you back within 48-72 hours and confirm we received your photo. Please do not repeatedly inquire on the page as to where your photo is, hijack questions by leaving repeated messages, or anything of the like. You delay our progress. Please be patient.  If we have a problem we will email you. Sorry but we are unable to tag people (FB pages are not allowed to do this sorry!)


Step 2. “Like” one of the Halloween Contest Photo Albums & say “Happy Halloween”

Click one of the links below this text to go directly to Facebook & “Like” one of the Halloween Photo Contest Albums & leave a comment saying “Happy Halloween”.  It doesn’t matter which album you choose.


Halloween Photo Album #1




Step 3. Comment on Your fellow Mommy’s Pictures.

This isn’t required but it’s a sweet thing to do & maybe it will give you good karma lol.

  • Find a few pics of kids in the album & comment on them.
  • FB Share, Pin, Tweet, Reddit, or anything else you have a moment to do that will help promote our contest!




That’s it!! Yeah it’s that easy.

Winner’s Announced November 8th, 2014 at 9pm EST on the Facebook page.  I will personally be emailing the winner’s as well.


Prize: 3 RANDOM Winners!

1. $50 Gift Card or code

2. $25 Gift Card or code

3. $25 Gift Card or code


Prizes are subject to change!


Good Luck!




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