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kids bowl free
Does your family love to bowl? Then make sure to hurry up and register your kids on Kids will receive 2 FREE GAMES of bowling every day, all summer long. Yes I did say 2 games, every single day! This program is designed by bowling centers, in conjunction with the local schools, to give back to the community and provide a safe, secure, and fun way for kids to spend time this summer. Select bowling centers around the U.S. and Canada are participating. Passes/tickets are limited so you might want to look into it, now.

While you’re on the site registering you can also buy a Family Pass that will give up to 4 adults 2 games a day as well.  You do not have to buy a package for each adult, this is for 4 adults in your family and all 4 adults can play 2 games per day. Like Mom, Dad, Grandparents. You include their names in the system & they will likely need to show some form of I.D. when they visit.  Their names print out on the passes/tickets.  Don’t forget to check to find a coupon code first!  I was able to save over $7 and ended up only paying a little over $21 for our family pass! WOW.

We went bowling today with our passes & only paid $12 for shoe rentals for four of us and the kids had a lot of fun. Best part is that it wasn’t crowded at all!


There are a few restrictions:


You will need to rent shoes. The price is not included in the free games.

Some bowling centers have an age limit. Ours was for children 15 & under.

Most bowling alleys only accept the family pass when the kids are present, because after all this is set up mostly for kids and families to have fun together!

You will only be able to use your free passes at certain times during the day & the times may vary each day. Make sure to check out the times when you’re choosing which alley you want to register for.


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