31 Days of #Halloween with Kids–Day Five: Hard Boiled Egg Ghosts

On Day 5 of our 31 Days of Halloween we awoke to find:  Hard Boiled Egg Ghosts.  The kids loved these & they rarely eat hard boiled eggs but as soon as they saw them they wanted them! Another win for mom.

Boil non-fresh eggs your favorite way, peel, then cut off a very small portion of the bottom of the egg so they sit flat on the plate. Take a heavier duty straw (I used a reusable hard plastic one) to punch the holes out of the eggs. You have to twist it a bit sometimes.

hard boiled egg ghosts

My fav way to boil eggs with easily removeable shells is to START with boiling water & lower room temp eggs into the water. Simmer for 11 minutes & then put them in cold water to stop cooking. (I’ve been testing out ways for the past couple of years, this works best) 

To peel, put them in Tupperware with a top & a little bit of water. Shake vigorously. They’re practically peeled for you. Don’t shake too hard though! (You prob saw this online. It really works!)

A toothpick can help get the egg out of the straw.

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