31 Days of #Halloween with Kids–Day Four: Hummus with Ghostly Naan Dippers

For Day 4 of our 31 Days of Halloween series we have: Hummus with Ghostly Naan Dippers, or as I like to say, hummus surrounded by mini naan ghosts, attending a red pepper bon fire. The kids thought this was hilarious and one of them that never eats hummus actually ate it! That’s a win for me.

Obviously you don’t need real directions for this.  I bought Stonefire Naan Dippers that I noticed just so happen to be shaped like ghosts (and because their naan is delicious!) .  You can use ANY naan or pita bread though & cut them out or use a cookie cutter.  I used a STRAW to pop out the eyes & mouth.  I placed them in a bowl of some of our favorite types of hummus and voila.  I found the bowl for just a few dollars at Homegoods.   If you want to make homemade hummus, I love this recipe: http://thymeandtoast.com/ode-hummus-original/

Hummus with Ghostly Naan Dippers

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  1. Oh Goh that looks so great! I love that you’ve made humus, not cheese or another caloric sauce.

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