31 Days of #Halloween with Kids–Day One: Jack O’ Lantern Clementines

We’re attempting to do 31 days of Halloween here at First-Time-Mommy “headquarters” (which actually just means my tiny house in Michigan lol). I have three kids, and one is teetering on the teen years, so I’m trying to go all out and make the most of our time before my child evolves into a teenager & might not be as interested in doing crafts with mom. That got me to thinking; maybe I should share some of the fun & easy things we’ve done over the years, with you!

DAY 1: 

Items needed:
Orange citrus fruits
Black marker (it doesn’t have to be a permanent marker).


Simply buy a bag of clementines, mandarin oranges, tangerines, or regular ol’ oranges.   Make sure to WASH & dry the fruit first. Sometimes there is wax on the rinds to keep them fresh as they ship. If you don’t wash them first your marker might wipe off or not work.  Trust me on this.  Let your child color the rind, or you can do it yourself and surprise them with a bowl full of spooky clementines.

When I said EASY, I really meant easy. 

Happy ‘pumpkin carving’ !

Halloween Clementines

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