31 Days of #Halloween with Kids – Day Three: Frightful Fruit

For Day 3 of our 31 Days of Halloween series we have, frightful fruit, which consists of pumpkin clementines, banana ghosts, and apple mouths. This was the after school snack today but it’d make a great breakfast as well. Silje (7) helped me put this together in a matter of minutes.  These were all things we had in our house already. Chances are you might too!

Warning: Please leave the marshmallows & seeds for the older kids & adults! These can be dangerous for babies & toddlers.

DAY 3:

Items needed:
apple slices


clementines or oranges



pumpkin seeds/pepitas (Leave these for the adults! They can be a choking hazard for kids under 4)

Instructions: I don’t really need to give you instructions do I? Here’s a tip though that Silje figured out on her own. If you want your apple mouths to look pretty you’ll need two rows of marshmallows. And cut your raisins in half before you press them on to the banana.

Frightful Halloween Fruit

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