31 Days of #Halloween with Kids–Day Seven: Halloween Quesadillas

On Day 7 of our 31 Days of Halloween we have Halloween cut-out quesadillas.  Simply use a cookie cutter before or after you make your quesadillas. If you want the eyes & mouth cut out like the ones below you’ll have to do it by hand & it’s best to do it before you cook so you don’t accidently cut the cheese out.

Remember, this is supposed to be a really simple & quick thing to do for or with the kids.  To make this much easier on yourself.. cook a pot roast or chicken in the slow cooker the day before for dinner & use the leftover shredded meat & then just add your fav cheese between two tortillas & either microwave them for 20 seconds or fry them up in a pan & crisp them up a bit (in case there’s someone out there that has never made a quesadilla before)

You can always use a straw to cut out round eyes & mouths on ghosts or pumpkins or just use the cookie cutters and don’t do eyes & mouths to keep it simple. The kids will still love it.

Halloween Quesadillas

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