I’m So Glad The Holidays Are Over

Phew…. although the holidays were made a lot brighter for me this year due to it being my son’s first Christmas I have never been so glad that they were over. I single handedly wrapped all but one gift. That’s 9 people in my husbands family, 5 in mine and then all the gifts for the baby! I delivered a package to the post office in one hand w/ a baby in the other during a blizzard! I attempted to make cookies but failed miserably, and I took down all the decorations with just a little help from my brother. It’s been hectic.

I have to admit that the season was tarnished for me because I was a little annoyed about how much it costs us to send gifts to Europe for a certain members family that won’t even acknowledge my effort or kindness. I sent bday gifts last year a week before I was due and spent a whopping $250 when I could have been spending it on my coming baby and never so much as got a thank-you card or note from the kids and no one even told me if they liked their gifts, so far for Christmas it’s the same situation. Because of the cost of postage ($50 for a small box) my husband and I can’t even exchange gifts so I think next year we’ll have to come up with a new plan. Maybe only the children in that family get something (theres 4 of them! 3 of them we’ve never met) and from now on no birthday gifts, just a card. When we received their gifts from them, there wasn’t anything for my son from the parents, just one of the children. I thought that wasn’t very nice but what can I do. It was the same thing with the card we received. It was addressed to my 9 month old son! Get real… you know? Oh well. I have officially stopped caring.

I’m just going to be the better person and make sure that when my son grows up he knows that it is nice to make an attempt to thank anyone who does something for him. I know Thank-you cards or notes are completely out of style but I still believe in them, especially when both parties live so far away. It’s nice once in a while to have some correspondence that takes a little more effort than pressing the send button if you know what I mean. I’m really glad that at least his grandparents over there still understand and appreciate that.

Anyway! I am glad to say that everyone else thanked us kindly for our gifts.. and both sets of grandparents made it a really wonderful Christmas for my son. Lots of clothes and toys. It was perfect timing because he was still playing with things from when he was a newborn! I’m sure if you have a child and you’re reading this you realize just how expensive toys can get. He now also has lots of pajamas for the coming months.. we should be good until spring arrives. I hope!

The baby has been changing SOOOO much these past few weeks and I have so much to update. I’ll have to get to that later though because theres only so much time during the day. He’s getting into everything these days.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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