Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays With #FebrezeHoliday Scents






This is a sponsored review courtesy of SheSpeaks/Febreze


Not long ago I received a package with a few of the new Febreze Holiday Scents products courtesy of SheSpeaks & Febreze & I was anxious to try them. Certain holiday scents always bring back warm memories for me and get me in the holiday spirit. I plugged them in, put them together and actually loved the smell but thought they were kind of mild. Well, as it turns out the sinus infection I was suffering from had actually started worsening and I couldn’t smell properly…eventually I lost my sense of smell altogether.  So skip forward almost 2 weeks later, I walked in the house one day after picking my son up from school and there it was! It was back and my house smelled wonderful! Talk about a lovely way of realizing your nose is working again haha.


I plugged in a Febreze NOTICEables oil warmer with Cranberry Cider scented oil right next to my kitchen/back door. Right when you walk in the house you’re greeted by the warm scent of cranberries, apples, and cinnamon.  In my living room and in my own bedroom I placed a Febreze Set & Refresh Cranberry Cider scented freshener.  What’s cool about them is that the freshener that you actually insert into the little stand never gets opened, and you don’t have to peel open the back, so there isn’t any sort of gel or liquid that you can touch. You simply push the little fragrance into the stand & that’s it.  You can then adjust the stand by pulling on the bottom to open it more & release more scent. I made sure to put mine up high enough they would be completely out of the children’s reach. I think out of the two I definitely like the Set & Refresh the best. They’re just so easy!


I don’t use a lot of scented products in my house because I have always been sensitive, especially when something has a strong alcohol content. Even if I love the smell I can’t use it because it will give me a headache, so I find something I like & my body can stand, and I stick to it. Luckily the new Febreze Holiday Scents are soft enough that don’t bother me, but strong enough that even with a child in the house that is still prone to potty accidents, they get rid of offending smells.


You can find Febreze Holiday Scents at your local Walmart when you’re out and about this holiday season! You can also connect with Febreze on Facebook: and Twitter:



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze. I received the above products in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Your experience may vary.

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