Quick and Easy Mushroom and Onion Holiday Stuffing That Everyone Will Love

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to their families holiday spread. One of mine is this holiday stuffing. I love it so much in fact that the times I’ve eaten at other people’s houses for the holidays I really feel like the day wasn’t complete. Call me crazy for getting so attached to a stuffing recipe but what can I say, it really is that good. I’m a fan of mushrooms & onions, however, no one else in my household is. I still make this & they still eat it. Why? Well, somehow the flavors all meld together & out comes the best holiday stuffing you’ve ever tasted. I know that’s a big claim but I’m standing by it!

This was an original recipe my mother came up with. I’ve changed it around a little bit & of course, you are welcome to do the same but whatever you do, don’t skip the poultry seasoning, it won’t be the same without it.

* You can usually find poultry seasoning at your local grocery store. Private Selection makes a good one (it’s in a regular size glass jar) & so does McCormick’s (its in a little plastic jar). If you absolutely can’t find it then you can make your own. You’ll need to experiment. It consists of: Thyme, Sage, Marjoram, Rosemary, Black Pepper, and Nutmeg.

*You can turn this into a vegetarian recipe very easily by simply substituting vegetable broth or stock.

*I make the below recipe for a 5 person family & eat the leftover stuffing for 3-4 days.  It will serve 10-12 normally but there won’t be leftovers, trust me!

mushroom onion stuffing

This stuffing has been mixed together & is cooling off before going in the bird.


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