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Babies Name:  Aubree 

Babies Sex:  Female   

Due Date: 6/25/2013   

Babies Birth Date: 6/27/2013   

# of weeks pregnant:   40 weeks 2 days   

Type of Birth:    Natural   

Babies Stats:  7lbs 1oz 19 inches   

Parents:.  Autumn   



It starts off at September 9 2011, this was the day the baby was conceived at 8 weeks pregnant I had a miscarriages so a year later I found out I was pregnant again and the baby was also conceived on September 9. 2012.


After a very healthy pregnancy besides morning sickness I went to my 40 weeks check up my blood pressure was 2 points to high so they sent me in after waiting 7 hours just for a room so they can start me on the medicine to induce me.  I finally got a room after 13 hours of hard labor with no epidural because I’m allergic to it.


Aubree made her arrival at 7lbs 1 oz 19 inches long. The scary part of this story was when the placenta came out immediately all the doctors and nurses ran to look.  Aubreeā€™s  umbilical cord wasn’t hooked to the placenta it was hooked to a blood vessel.. this means there was no way  to eat during the whole pregnancy and this is a disease that you can not tell by ultrasound, only until the placenta comes out.   Every ultra sound we saw Aubree swallowing the amniotic fluid and that’s how they think she survived!


In my whole pregnancy if my water would have broke on it own we would have both bleed to death (they broke my water at 9cm) right before she came!


80% of babies don’t make it through this 15% come out deformed with a lot of medical problems and only 5% like Aubree come out perfectly healthy with no medical problems at all!


Aubree is now a beautiful 4 month old baby girl! As sweet as can be!  




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A big Thank-you to Autumn for sharing her story with us!


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