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Babies Name:  Hunter

Babies Sex:  Male

Due Date: 8/5/2013   

Babies Birth Date: 7/16/2013   

# of weeks pregnant: 37 weeks     

Type of Birth:  vaginal

Babies Stats:  6lbs 14oz 19.5inches

Parents: Merissa




“This will be my second delivery story. On August 10, 2012 I gave birth to my beautiful little boy, who became an angel about 1 hour later due to potters syndrome (no kidneys).


On November 26, 2012 I found out I was pregnant again and just a nervous wreck, praying that this baby would be healthy! On my 18 weeks anatomy scan I found out I was having another little boy and I couldn’t be happier. The pregnancies were similar in the beginning, with the really bad morning sickness and heart burn but I had fluid this time so I was bigger than last time.


I started having contractions at 12am on July 16 but they felt different than last time, not as strong, so I wasn’t sure. I decided to go to L&D just in case. I ended up arriving at the hospital the same time as my first and was checked in by the same nurse. I ended up already being 4cm so they admitted me. When they took me to my room it ended up being the same room I delivered my angel in. It was just déjà vu only this time I was bringing my baby home.


Once I got settled I got my epidural but a student ended up doing it (didn’t know she was a student) and she messed it up so I ended up having to get a spinal and couldn’t feel a thing. When I ended up hitting 10cm it took a while to push him out because I couldn’t feel the pressure and I couldn’t feel my bottom to push. Once I did finally get him out I couldn’t have been any happier. I finally received my rainbow baby and knew my angel was there looking after his little brother. The hospital staff was wonderful and took great care of me and my doctor was thrilled. He delivered my angel as well! So even though it was a tough pregnancy both emotionally and physically, I wouldn’t trade it for anything <3″




A big Thank-you to Merissa for sharing her story with us!


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