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Babies Name:  Sophia

Babies Sex:  Female   

Due Date: 2/15/2013   

Babies Birth Date: 2/13/2013   

# of weeks pregnant: 39 weeks and 5 days   

Type of Birth:  Emergency c-section

Babies Stats: 7 lbs, 20.5 inches   

Parents: Pily J.M. 





” I started having contractions on 2/11/13 mostly at night.  Did not sleep at all. morning came and I hadn’t slept all night.  I started getting ready for school (I was a senior in high school). I had told my mom I had had contractions and she went crazy.


We had to drive like 20 minutes to the hospital where they broke my water. I was 7cm when I got my epidural, hoping for a natural birth. 12am the following day still no baby.


5am the doctors were worried, and suggested an emergency c-section. I cried because I was so disappointed I didn’t get to push.


6:08 am on February 13th Sophia Lynn was born, but with a temp. of 104.. I was so scared for her 3 days in the nicu.


She was healthy and ready to go after 6 days”





A big Thank-you to Pily for sharing her story with us!


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