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Baby’s Name: Vincent Anthony

Baby’s Sex: Male

Due Date: 10/23/2013

Baby’s Birth Date: 10/12/2013

# of weeks pregnant: 38 weeks

Type of Birth: Vaginal   

Baby’s Stats: 9lbs 7.6oz 22.5in

Parents: Sabrina & Nazareth



“On October 11th I decided to go out to dinner with my Mom & Dad while my husband went to pick up my step daughter from her Mom’s house. Dinner was great, had a steak and some veggies and great conversation about how excited we all were about the soon to be new addition. After we finished eating I got up from the table to go to the restroom (for the 100th time that day lol) as I walked across the restaurant I felt a big gush, my water had broken! I waddled my way to the restroom and found a stall as quick as I could! Apparently my Mom had seen my strange waddle and came in to see if I was alright. I told her that my water broke and she was so excited! We didn’t tell my Dad until he had driven me home, so as not to stress his driving. I texted my husband to hurry home, he was so excited! I called my Doctor and he told me to wait to go into the hospital until I had contractions. 6 hours later, still no contractions.


At 12am we went in and the nurses told me to go walk around the hospital in hopes of starting my labor that way. 2 hours of walking and still nothing. Finally we were admitted and I got a room. By 4am still no contractions, so my Doctor said they would have to induce me with pitocin. I was very disappointed as I had wanted a natural water birth, but understood this was best for the baby.


The pitocin kicked my butt! Thank God for my husband who held me up as I was only comfortable rocking in his arms for several hours. By 7cm I couldn’t take anymore,  I screamed for an epidural! Once the epidural was administered, I could rest…or so I thought. I got the shakes from my adrenaline still pumping with nowhere to go. I was constantly shaking for a couple hours. Within this time I had developed a fever and was told our baby would need to be taken to the NICU immediately after birth for antibiotics because he and I had developed an infection from him being in there so long. Finally when it was time to push it took me 45 minutes to get him out.


He was beautiful! After over 18 hours in labor, our angel had finally arrived. He was 9lbs 7.6oz. The doctor thinks he got stuck because he was so big, I had never gotten measured for the babies size! When they took him to the NICU it was so hard to see him leave. My husband was so great in helping me stay strong. Baby boy stayed in NICU for 7 days, the hardest 7 days of our lives.


He is now 5 weeks old, perfectly healthy and thriving! He is already 12lbs 6 oz and 24 inches! He eats great and sleeps well at night. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. God has his plan for all of us and He brought us an angel :).”




Vincent is now 9 months and doing great!



A big Thank-you to Sabrina for sharing her story with us!


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